Corey Graves Speaks Out About What WWE Is Doing Wrong

During the latest After The Bell podcast, Corey Graves was critical of the Rusev/Lana storyline and talked about how WWE is trying to re-create the wrong parts of the Attitude Era:

“The things about the Attitude Era that we miss are not cheesy, Jerry Springer storylines, and four-letter words, and boobs. The Attitude Era was awesome because you had a bunch of superstars who were allowed to figure things out, allowed to be themselves, allowed to connect and weren’t pigeonholed or forced into these garbage circumstances,” stated Graves. “Every once in awhile, there was a terrible storyline, but people made it work because you could laugh at yourself. It was tongue and cheek. The talent made each other better. It was a competition, night after night. You had to figure out how to survive. There were a ton of awful, horrendous storylines. Mae Young gave birth to a hand. There was Katie Vick. Some of the worst storylines in the history of the business took place in the Attitude Era. But as a whole, the business was on fire because everyone had to step up, even if you were in a garbage circumstance, you had an opportunity to make your own path. That’s what we need, that’s what we as fans miss from the Attitude Era. Not crude storylines, lewdness, ‘puppies’ and jokes like that. More action and guys who are badasses allowed to be badasses and be entertaining.”