Could WWE’s Bianca Belair Eventually Cross Over and Become a Hollywood Star?

One of WWE’s brightest young stars, Bianca Belair has seemingly climbed all the way to the top now. It’s as if there’s no limit to all the success she will inevitably achieve.

The girl with the million-dollar smile and the WWE RAW Women’s Championship is one of the promotion’s most popular personas. Everything from her eye-popping athleticism and prodigious ponytail makes her instantly recognizable. And her charisma just bubbles over.

Belair is a lifelong competitor. As a track star at the University of Tennessee, she became an All-American, laying the groundwork for the future. The same discipline it took to train for running made for an easier transition to the rigors of the ring. She already knew how to push herself to another level.

She would spend about four years in developmental, but it turned out to be justified. By that time, she was ready. She had marinated on the third brand just long enough to be part of a perfect recipe on the main roster

Bianca Belair has forged a very special connection with the WWE Universe

Let’s face it: The fans love Bianca. She’s an idol for many young girls and an outstanding performer in the eyes of observers.

Even though she has spent the majority of her career being fed scripted material, she’s been able to make it seem more natural than others. She’s got plenty of attitude to go along with her stunning wardrobe and cool catchphrases.

No doubt about it, she’s an attention-getter.

Her female fans will often rock her merchandise, but even middle-aged men might be spotted sporting her gear, too. She’s got a widespread appeal, due to the fact that she’s pure energy in the arena and lights up the TV screen. Everyone can sense the joy in her boundless enthusiasm.

Due to that over-the-top presence, Bianca seems to transcend the world of professional wrestling. Many even believe that she has the look, the act, and the rap to be a mainstream star. And as her popularity grows in WWE, it could be just adding to her portfolio in Hollywood.

Could The EST have a future in Hollywood?

The RAW Women’s Champion has plenty on her plate right now on Monday Nights. She’s dealing with Bayley and her Damage Control teammates. Then there is the enigma of Alexa Bliss. It’s looking more and more like a current friend might be turning into a foe.

So, her dance card is pretty full right now. It’s also very likely that she will be in a high-profile match at WrestleMania. That could possibly be a title defense or a re-match. On the other hand, it could be a ‘special challenge match’ with an outside celebrity.

Having said that, you have to believe that she’s on the radar of the creative folks out in Tinsel Town. With her explosive charisma, Belair is a red carpet dream and a silver screen natural. It’s not far-fetched to see her as an action movie star or in a dramatic role on a weekly TV series. She’s definitely got the skills for either role.

Banks must feel the same way. She signed on with the WME talent agency back in August.

She will also be making some other appearances outside of wrestling, including being involved in fitness competitions. So it’s easy to see that she wants to keep every option open.

Would Bianca leave wrestling completely for an acting career?

Unless she would become a leading lady or high-profile cast member, it’s doubtful that Belair would completely abandon the squared circle. That’s not likely to happen anytime soon, so she would more likely take on smaller roles that wouldn’t interfere with her presence in WWE.

While she is reaching her apex in sports entertainment presently, Bianca still hasn’t gotten anywhere near the mainstream appeal of The Rock or John Cena. The current RAW titleholder would probably be better off signing on for short-term projects or cameo appearances – much like Sasha Banks did with her time on The Mandalorian.

For now, we will continue to see the B.E.S.T. from the EST in WWE. But at 33 and already a recognizable face on a highly-watched show, you have to think she will be involved in entertainment long after her wrestling career is over.

Some stars are meant to shine forever. Throughout and beyond the entire Universe.
It appears that Bianca Belair could very well be one of those stars… someday.

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