Current Plans For The New Day, Jim Ross & Lita Redo MYC Commentary, Matt Hardy On GFW

– It doesn’t appear that The New Day will be breaking up anytime soon. According to Dave Meltzer of, WWE wants to push New Day as the tag-team with the most title reigns in addition to having the longest reign. The current record is held by Edge/Christian and The Hardys at seven each. That could explain why New Day won and lost the Smackdown Live titles so quickly.

– On a recent edition of The Ross Report, Jim Ross talked about how him and Lita had to redo the commentary for 16 of the Mae Young Classic match due to creative changes:

“I felt like we did a better job. The job wasn’t bad the first go-around, but the creative change, the things that we were talking about were planned and now they had been tweaked,” JR said. “That’s entertainment, that’s the business. Anytime you get a chance to do the rewrite, you’re gonna do the rewrite. Always make it better, always make it better.”

“I like the fact that it’s a single-elimination tournament, the winners advance, the losers go home. Therefore it is an episodic production, so it goes from chapter one to chapter two, that kind of thing,” JR said. “So if Lita and I do our job, which we really tried hard to do, we’ll give you enough background on these ladies that you’ll care about them enough to want to watch them participate in this tournament and see if they have to survive or if they have to go home.”

– Matt Hardy posted the following “fun fact” about the legal situation between The Hardys and GFW/Anthem: