Current Plans For The Shield, Latest News On The Bella Twins’ WWE Return

– At this time, WWE is still planning to do a full-fledged Shield reunion match once Roman Reigns returns from his illness. Right now the most likely match is reportedly the Shield vs. Kane/Sheamus/Cesaro. Reigns is expected back on the November 13th RAW which is the go-home episode before Survivor Series.

– During a recent interview with Busted Open Radio, Brie Bella commented on the Bella Twins making a comeback:

“I miss it so much, and I miss it so much because I am filming Total Divas and I am around all these girls who are doing all these history making things. For me, I watch now as a fan at home and sometimes it’s actually hard on me. I’ll tell Bryan ‘now I know how you feel.’ I do have the itch, and obviously Birdie’s (daughter) my number 1 priority, but the Bella Twins are going to come back at some point in 2018. And granted, we can’t come for a long time because of my baby, but we are coming back. I told Nikki, “You and I have not been in the ring together for over two years.” The only way I’m making a comeback, and she said the same thing the only way she’s making a comeback, is together. I told Bryan, I told pretty much everyone, I am making a comeback before baby 2.”