Dalton Castle On Defending Title At ROH Supercard Of Honor, Jay Lethal, More

Ring of Honor World Champion Dalton Castle recently spoke with Brian Fritz of Sporting News to talk about various topics. Here are the highlights.

SN: You just had this title defense against Jay Lethal. What did it mean for you considering he is so respected and he’s a former Ring of Honor Champion and he’s very good in the ring as well?

“Jay Lethal, in my opinion, is one of the greatest wrestlers in the world. It’s amazing that we have him on the roster at Ring of Honor. It’s incredible that I get to share the ring with him as often as I do. I have not got to face him as often I would like to. When I walked into Ring of Honor, my second match at Ring of Honor TV, was against him for his Television title. It was a short one but it was not lost on me, the privilege is was being in the ring with him. Then I worked my ass off and here we are three years later, I now Ring of Honor World Champion and he was challenging me for my title. To be in the ring with a talent like him is great. To do it on such a platform and spotlight of the main event at the 16th anniversary show was beyond what I could have imagined happening four years ago. It was great. An to show the world that I can hang with such a talent like him and come out the victor, it’s just one step closer to showing everybody I am as good as I claim to be.”

SN: You are going to be facing Marty Scurll at SuperCard of Honor. When is the last time you were in the ring with Marty?

“I believe we wrestled each other a few months ago in San Antonio, Texas on a Ring of Honor tour show. We had a singles then. When Marty came in to Ring of Honor, I was his first match in the United Kingdom. It was his start moving forward. He had a really good run in his first loop of shows for us and ended up winning the Ring of Honor Television title on the final night of the tour. Then, we crossed paths a couple of times throughout the year. And here we are, me with the world title and him coming after me.”

SN: We’ve seen you both grow in Ring of Honor and it’s now culminating into this huge match at SuperCard of Honor. What will that opportunity be like?

“It’s going to be great. Marty understands that it’s important to be entertaining. I never want to go out there and not have the best performance of my life. Everytime we’ve been in the ring together, I feel like it’s been a lot of fun but as far an opportunity goes, this is just an opportunity for him to perform on this stage. He’s not bigger than me. He’s not faster than me. He’s not stronger than me. He is not better than me but he definitely is a big star and this is going to be a big match.”