Dana Brooke Debuts New Finishing Move, Six-Man Tag Team Match Takes Place

In a rematch from last week’s episode of WWE Main Event, Dana Brooke and Sarah Logan faced off last night in Everett, Washington before Raw went on the air. Brooke won the match by hitting Logan with the Swanton Bomb popularized by WWE Superstar Jeff Hardy.

Here is a clip of Brooke nailing Logan with her new finishing move.

Brooke lost to Logan last week after Brooke suffered an injury, which forced the referee to stop the match and declare Logan the winner. Logan had Brooke in a chinlock at the ropes and the referee called for a break, so Brooke went out on to the apron under the ropes. Logan followed Brooke and kneed her in the back of the neck, which caused Brooke to hit her face on the ring post.

A Six-Man Tag Team Match was also taped for this week’s show as Cesaro, EC3 and Robert Roode teamed up against The Lucha House Party.