Dana Warrior Already Gaining Influence On WWE Creative Team, Lacey Evans, Natalya

— Dana Warrior is now an official member of the WWE creative team, according to Dave Meltzer in the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. She is working with creative on a full-time basis.

Warrior has quickly gained influence after she began working with the team a few weeks ago by shadowing writers and attending production teams. One person in WWE noted to Meltzer that she was in an important creative meeting that other writers were not part of, so she now has a voice many of them don’t have.

Warrior began working with creative after approaching Vince McMahon about working a full-time job for WWE. McMahon asked Warrior what she wanted to do and she pitched working on the creative team since she believes she can offer a female’s point-of-view. McMahon felt it was a good idea and gave her the opportunity to try it out.

— In this clip from “WWE Photo Shoot!,” Natalya recalls winning her first championship and reminds people to never give up on their dreams.

— Lacey Evans celebrates her birthday today as “The Lady of WWE” turns 29 years old.

On turning 29, Evans wrote the following: