Daniel Bryan Comments On Luke Harper’s Position In WWE

In an interview with Fox Sports, Daniel Bryan was asked about Luke Harper’s current position in WWE and here is what Bryan said:

“I think that he’s somebody that we can utilize better. When he left the Wyatt Family, I thought the fans were really starting to get behind him – and his match with Randy Orton, gosh, I loved his match with Randy Orton. It was the February pay-per-view… Elimination Chamber. His match with Randy Orton at that pay-per-view was outstanding, and every time you see him, he’s dynamic. The crowd gets behind him, and then you just kind of lose him on TV to where we don’t really see him much.

I think we’re really losing out on that, but I think that about several people. I think that specifically about Luke Harper, I’m a big Luke Harper proponent. But also of American Alpha, Sami Zayn, even The Colons. I think that we have a lot of good talent on SmackDown that we could utilize a little bit better.”