Daniel Bryan Injury Scare, Why AJ Styles Didn’t Wear A Cup In Storyline With Shinsuke Nakamura

– In an interview with WrestleZone.com, AJ Styles explained why he didn’t wear a cup in his storyline with Shinsuke Nakamura:

“Well you know, even when I played baseball when I was younger I didn’t like wearing a cup because it got in the way of getting up and you know, it was just in the way. If I wore it now and I did a splash and missed, how would that feel? It would hurt. You know there are things that can happen in a match where this whole cup thing can actually hurt me. Just saying and I know I don’t need to be having any more kids anyway.”

– As seen on Smackdown Live, Mustafa Ali pinned Daniel Bryan in the main event with his 054 finishing move. There was a scary moment where Ali’s knees made contact with Bryan’s throat/collarbone area and ribs. Ali immediately apologized to Bryan and Bryan reportedly said that he was fine backstage. Bryan did end up appearing in a segment for next week’s Smackdown.