Daniel Bryan Teases 205 Live Star’s Move To WWE SmackDown

In a video posted by Ariya Daivari, Daniel Bryan commented on Hideo Itami and teased the idea that Itami could join the Smackdown roster:

“Hideo Itami. Is Hideo Itami dangerous? Well, I can’t hear out of my left ear,” Bryan stated. “You see, Hideo Itami and I were fighting in Ring of Honor in 2006, and we got into a battle of strikes, a battle that I lost. A battle that ruptured my ear drum, and shortly thereafter, not only could I not hear out of my left ear, I can’t even go under water.” Bryan went on to finish; “So, is Hideo Itami dangerous? Yes, he’s dangerous, and if I ever see Hideo Itami on SmackDown, he’s going to get all that’s coming to him.”