Daniel Bryan’s Concussion, Backstage Reaction To His Big Raw Moment, Rumble Match Nixed?

Regarding Daniel Bryan’s concussion suffered on last week’s RAW, the feeling is still that it’s pretty serious. As noted, he was kept off this weekend’s live events and was at home resting.

Bryan managed to get through the match last week without missing any spots. However, at the end of the show when he was on top of the cage leading the “yes!” chants, right before the show ended Bryan suddenly stopped and sat there, looking around like he was unsure. A WWE stagehand laid on the ground, looked up at him and started gesturing for him to keep chanting. Bryan just looked at the guy seemingly completely confused. Bryan later told WWE officials that he barely remembered anything that happened in the cage.

Word going around this weekend is that Bryan’s planned Royal Rumble match against Bray Wyatt is off.

Backstage, Bryan’s big moment was a hot topic. A source said, “The whole backstage was in awe. Vince McMahon loves Bryan.”

(Source: F4Wonline.com)