Daniel Bryan’s Future In Wrestling, Christopher Daniels Retirement

– During an appearance on Jimmy Jacobs’ podcast, Daniel Bryan discussed his future in wrestling and possibly winding down soon:

“That’s the journey I’m on right now, I’m looking in a couple years when I’m no longer a full-time wrestler,” said Bryan. “I’ll always wrestle a little bit because I love doing it. After my contract is up, I don’t want to be a full-time wrestler anymore. So, diving into [climate change and other issues] has been really important.”

– During an appearance on Chris Jericho’s podcast, Christopher Daniels commented on his plans to retire before AEW launched:

“When we started, this was before any idea of AEW was going around so I mean, for like ten and a half months of that, there was no possibility that we’d go anywhere else. So like, when we pitched this idea, honestly the original idea when I pitched it was that it might be my transition out of the ring. The idea was going to be…in my head, January 2018, my idea was going to be, Frankie and Sky were still going to be there and I was going to leave because I didn’t win a contract or I didn’t get my contract renewed, and then I would return as the matchmaker or GM or whatever the authority figure was going to be. Because I thought, ‘oh well, by that time I’ll be 49. 49’s a good number to transition out of the ring.’ Except now, I’m a month away from being 49 and I don’t want to get out of the ring yet.”