Darby Allin Talks About His In-Ring Style and Fan Support

AEW TNT Champion Darby Allin recently did an interview with TVInsider.com and here are the highlights:

His in-ring style: My trainer is old school. His name is Buddy Wayne. He is super old school. I’ve learned the old-school style, and I do apply it if you see my matches. It’s not just high spots. There is a lot of storytelling behind everything I do. There is a brain behind what I do. As far as what people say about me, that I need to slow down, I know what works for me, and my body feels great. I’m really on physical therapy, recovery, stretching, and icing. I feel great.”

Comparisons to Sting: “My face paint just comes from my real life. That’s not really a character thing I try to rip off of anybody. I’ve always just liked the dark stuff. I’ve always been a fan of the gothic aesthetic. Just weird stuff. I’m flattered by [the comparison], it’s cool, but it’s definitely not what I’m thinking about while I’m doing it.”

Being a fan-favorite: “I feel good because being myself is paying off. I don’t feel any added pressure. I’m going to keep being myself. I never said I was a role model, but if they want to take me as one I’m down. A lot of kids for example look at me because I’m straight edge. I don’t drink or do drugs. I feel like that’s a cool outlook for kids to see. I remember in fifth grade and people would come to the school as part of D.A.R.E to talk about drugs and alcohol. It would be ‘Don’t do this or that.’ Us kids were like, ‘Why would we listen to this guy? He doesn’t even seem cool or anything.’ So if people want to look at me as inspiration for that, I’m cool with it.”