Dax Harwood Speaks Out on His Working Relationship With WWE Coach Terry Taylor

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Dax Harwood discussed the legendary Terry Taylor and their working relationship in the latest episode of his FTR podcast. Taylor is a WWE Performance Center Coach who has been with the company since 2012, around the time Harwood signed with WWE. Harwood made the following statement:

“Well, Terry and I didn’t have a terrible relationship, but we also didn’t have the greatest relationship. I felt that Terry sometimes didn’t possess the attributes to be a, okay wait a second, hold on, let me rewind that. He did possess the attributes of being a great coach because Terry was a really good worker and he had incredible knowledge when you think about it. He’s been through the territories. He was in Texas. He was in Mid South. Jim Crockett.

“So, he was there and he possesses all that. Sometimes, as far as delivering the knowledge, he was not the best at it, for being a coach. Also, I felt sometimes he had his own motives and I’ll leave it at that. He and I didn’t always see, eye to eye, and that’s okay, you know, that’s not always going to happen. We didn’t have a bad relationship. We never, you know, got in arguments or anything like that, but just sometimes we didn’t see eye to eye.”

(H/T Joshie Lopez and WrestlingHeadlines.com for the transcription)