Dean Ambrose Reportedly Goes Off-Script During Seth Rollins Segment On WWE RAW

As seen on this week’s WWE RAW, Dean Ambrose confronted Seth Rollins in the ring and stated, “I only got one thing to say to you… slay the beast.”

Apparently Ambrose was scripted to say more regarding Roman Reigns and The Shield but decided to keep it short. Dave Meltzer of commented on the segment:

“Originally he was supposed to explain like why he said ‘Slay the beast,’ but he didn’t. So he just said, ‘Slay the beast.’”

“You know it was one of those about it was the deal of whatever, we started together and blah blah the whole Shield thing and Roman Reigns and all that which makes all the sense in the world considering the turn and everything. I just gotta say that Dean Ambrose turn, in hindsight, the heel turn it sure was a flop, wasn’t it?”

“That turn was ridiculous. I don’t even know, well I do know they had something scripted and Dean wasn’t feeling it and Dean did what he did and my god was it bad.”