Dean Ambrose Retiring From Wrestling?

Dave Meltzer of commented on rumors going around that Dean Ambrose could be retiring from the wrestling business once his WWE contract expires:

“I’ve heard people say that he’s retiring. I don’t believe at his age he’s gonna retire forever. I mean whoever has at his age, especially at his level where you can make a couple million a year that’s a lot to retire. Especially since at some point he absolutely loved wrestling because he wouldn’t be this good if he didn’t. He survived on the indie scene for as long as he did, but for whatever reason you know he feels like he needs time off and whatever it is he’s not happy.”

“He’s had so many farewells it’s not even funny […] It’s different. My gut is that they don’t expect him to go to AEW. They expect him to come back and they wanna make it a big deal and when he’s ready to come back he’s happy to come back and the fans see him as a big star.”

“He’s burned out and he’s unhappy. If he’s unhappy then whatever he’s unhappy about probably isn’t going to change. If he’s burned out and needs a rest then he’ll probably come back.”