Dean Ambrose To All Elite Wrestling?, Speculation On Ambrose’s Departure

– Dave Meltzer of commented on WWE announcing Dean Ambrose’s planned departure from the company:

“They released it on their website which immediately made people think it is a work. As far as I know it’s not. I know some of their talent thinks it’s a work because they put it on the website.”

“Some talent knew last night, but most didn’t. Last night when I was trying to confirm it with people they didn’t know. I know that on the creative team and maybe the top guys in the creative team knew, but most of the guys had no idea.”

“They had no idea this stuff was being scripted to you know humiliate him or bury him on the way out or whatever it is.”

– Dave Meltzer of also commented on Dean Ambrose possibly joining All Elite Wrestling once his WWE contract expires. Here is what Meltzer said courtesy of

“Before there was that fear of leaving that everyone had. If you leave, you’re done. You know you look at guy after guy that leaves and nothing ever happened and Cody was the guy who changed everything. It’s like he left and he became a bigger star. McIntyre to a degree too.”

“Its like the fear of being gone [from WWE] was not so much a reality and now with AEW it’s like there’s another place to go to make really good money if they want you. In the case of Dean, if he’s a free agent in April, will they want him? The answer is yes.”

Meltzer said that it’s possible WWE could attempt to freeze Ambrose’s contract but it’s unlikely given the announcement of his departure:

“He’ll be a free agent in April, yeah but they could freeze him for nine months, right.”

“I don’t think they’ll be able to because they basically wrote themselves that he’s done in April. So to me that means if they did that they can’t freeze him because they basically just told you.”