Detailed Extreme Rising Results – June 30, 2012

Extreme Rising Results
From Philadelphia, PA
Report by: Mike Johnson of

The show opened with a local hardcore band Eat the Turnbuckles playing.  They did all sorts of wrestling based antics with barbed wire, chairs, guitars and one guy even came off the top of a van onto a table.  The crowd wasn’t happy about them.

Stephen DeAngelis came to the ring.  He introduced Robby Mireno.  He got booed in his own hometown.  He tried to tell them that he stood up for Philly last night in NYC but the crowd still razzed him, so he heeled them.  Ah, Philadelphia.

Joel Gertner made his way to the ring.   The place chanted for him.

Papadon vs. Perry Saturn

The fans were all over him so Papadon demanded that DeAngelis make it clear that he’s not gay.  Papadon then demanded he be announced as the greatest unsigned talent in the wrestling world today.

Saturn got a huge pop and immediately went into the bleacher and walked across the entire length.  There was a huge “Perry” chant.   Saturn literally went around to every corner of the building before getting into the ring.   Saturn received a big “Welcome Back” chant.   Saturn took the mic and said, “E C F***ing W.”  That of course led to a huge ECW chant.

They locked up and Papadon backed off and went to the floor.   The ever polite Philly crowd chanted, “You suck d***.”  Saturn went to the floor but Don slipped back in before he could get him.   Saturn asked for a mic.   He said that he hasn’t been here in a long time but it appears everyone knows Papadon is a huge c**sucker.  The mic died so it didn’t get much of a response.

They finally locked up and they went back and forth until Saturn drills him with a clothesline and then another Cactus Clothesline over the top to the floor.  He beats the hell out of Papadon on the floor and tosses him back into the ring.

Jersey Shore from Raven’s flock last time here hits the ring and attacks Saturn.  They double on him until Gary Wolfe’s music hits and Wolfe made the save.  Wolfe battled Shore to the floor.  The crowd chanted for “Pitbull.”

Saturn whipped Papadon into the ropes and as he bounced back towards Saturn, Saturn hit the legsweep from Total Elimination for the pin.

Your winner, Perry Saturn!

The match was more of a spectacle for Saturn’s homecoming than a competitive bout.  There was a lot of glad-handing to the crowd, but they loved seeing Saturn.  They didn’t do much in the ring, but what they did got a reaction and worked.  Saturn obviously can’t go like he used to but they structured it right as a way to spotlight him.  Papadon looked great tonight and as I’ve written in the past, he’s got it and deserves a shot in a major way  I was really happy to see him get booked here.  The run-in was a nice way to get Wolfe on the show and he got a nice pop coming out.

The FBI vs. Los Dramaticos

They did some really good wrestling to kick off the bout.  The Dramaticos worked over Mamaluke early.  Guido tagged in and he went back and forth with the larger Dramatico.  Mamaluke held the ropes open for the Dramatico to hit the floor.  Guido went to the floor.  Mamaluke went for a dive through the ropes but was caught and turned into a tornado DDT on the floor.  The smaller Dramatico hit a moonsault to the floor on all involved.

Back in the ring, the smaller Dramatico worked over Mamaluk.  He went for a top rope rana but Guido held onto Tony to prevent it.  That allowed the FBI to take over and work over the smaller Dramatico.  Mamaluke held him in place as Guido scored with kicks to the arm and the legs.

Guido whipped the Dramatico into the ropes but he nailed a sunset flip.  Guido rolled through and dropkicked him for a two count.  Mamaluke and Guido took turns working him over.   The Dramatico ducked a Mamaluke kick and made the hot tag to the larger Dramatico.

The Dramaticos worked on Mamaluke and went for the Spanish Fly but Guido nailed one with a Russian Legsweep.   Mamaluke grabbed a forward choke standing on the ropes with the other but was suplexed into the ring from that position.

Guido was left in the ring and the Dramaticos worked him over with a series of backdrops.  They turned their attention back to Mamaluke and nailed the Spanish Fly off the top for a two count.  The move received an ECW chant.

One of the Dramaticos went for an Electric Chair but Guido tripped him from outside.  Mamaluke landed on top and hooked the legs for the pin.

Your winners, The FBI!

Solid back and forth match with some good action.

CW Anderson vs. Balls Mahoney (with The Blue Meanie)

They locked up and Anderson focused on Mahoney’s arm.  Balls made it to the ropes to break it and went for his chair but John Finnegan grabbed it away.

They locked up and Mahoney’s arm was worked over again.  He fought back and Anderson went to the floor.  Mahoney followed and brawled with Anderson, nailing him with a beer and whipping him into the railing.  Mahoney took a sign from a fan and nailed Anderson with it.  There was a road sign underneath.

Meanie and Balls pinballed Anderson back and forth with punches as the crowd chanted “Blue” and “Balls.”  I cracked up at that.   Back in the ring, Mahoney peppered Anderson with a series of punches in the corner then whipped him into the opposite corner.  He charged but Anderson evaded and Mahoney hit his shoulder on the ringpost.

Anderson rammed Mahoney shoulder-first into the ringpost.   He placed the road sign on Balls’ shoulder and stomped it.   He locked on an armbar and yanked at Balls’ arm.  He began beating Balls with shots across the back but Balls made a comeback.  Anderson superkicked him and covered him for a two count.

Anderson continued working on Mahoney’s arm and covered him for a two count.   Mahoney caught him out of nowhere with a sitdown spinebuster for a two count.  Anderson caught him with a spinebuster for a two count.  He kicked Balls and wedged a chair in the corner.

Anderson tried to whip Balls into the corner but it was reversed.  Anderson stopped himself before hitting the chair and rammed Balls into it.  Meanie hit the ring looking to nail Anderson with a chair but it was superkicked in his face.

“Enter Sandman” hit and out came the Sandman to a huge pop.  He headed right to the ring and got in Anderson’s face.  They went nose to nose.  Anderson slapped him so Sandman kicked him and nailed him across the back with the cane, then hit the White Russian Legsweep.

Mahoney and Anderson went back and forth.  Mahoney drilled him with a right and Meanie nailed Anderson with the chair.  Mahoney covered him for the pin.

Your winner, Balls Mahoney!

Sandman took the mic and said he was going to get a little drunk now and asked if there was anyone who wanted to get in the ring with him and drink a beer.  They got a few guys and girls to do it before Sandman thanked the crowd and said, “we gotta get the f*** outta here.”

Entertaining stuff here.  Anderson looked great and vicious as a heel.   I like the Mahoney-Meanie tandem. Sandman’s antics never get old with me.

Shane Douglas came out and said it was great to see the home of Extreme.  He cut a promo ripping on Eric Bischoff, Dixie Carter, Hulk Hogan and Vince McMahon.   Douglas said that in 1994, Paul Heyman had a vision to change pro wrestling forever.  He called AAA and said that ECW fans were ready to see some great Luchadors.  He cut a great promo putting over the Extreme Lucha match and said that it was time to get the party started.

Pescadilla vs. Bestia 666

They started out with some really strong mat wrestling back and forth early.  Bestia nailed Pescadilla with a head scissors takeover.  They exchanged a series of two counts and faced off.

Pescadilla offered his hand and when Bestia took it, he kicked him in the gut.  Pescadilla nailed a series of chops and went for a tiltowhirl backbreaker but Bestia landed on his feet and nailed a dropkick.  Bestia nailed a nice twisting dive over the top to the floor.

Back in the ring, Bestia nailed the muscle buster and hit the standing moonsault for the pin

Fall one: Bestia!

Fall Two started with them chopping each other on the floor and then in the ring.  Bestia nailed a legdrop when Pescadilla dropped down during a criss cross.  Bestia went for a head scissors but was slammed down face-first on the mat  Pescadilla was sent through the ropes to the floor.  Bestia slid out but was caught with a DDT on the floor.  Pescadilla nailed a moonsault from the top to the floor.  The place chanted “ECW.”

They battled in the aisle and back into the ring.   Pescadilla used a neckbreaker for a two count.  Bestia used a springboard off the ropes as a way to dive Pescadilla into his knees.  Bestia was backdropped over the top to the apron.  They battled on the apron and Pescadilla nailed a Spanish Fly off the apron to the floor for the pin.

Fall Two: Pescadilla!

The crowd began chanting, “This is awesome.”

They brawled on the floor and into the crowd.   A barbed wire chair was tossed into the rng. Bestia was tied to the tree of woe.  Pescadilla placed the barbed wire chair in his face and nailed a dropkick into it.  He worked over Bestia with a series of punches in the corner as the crowd chanted in Spanish.

The building began chanting “Lucha Libre.”  Pescadilla went for a Razor’s Edge but Bestia slipped out and nailed a suplex for a two count.    They battled to the outside where Pescadilla was slammed on a barbed wire table.  Bestia beat him with a chair and then came off the top with a senton for the pin.

Your winner, Bestia 666!

Great brawl and some fun Lucha spots.  This got over really big with the live crowd.  The pace was really good.  Entertaining as hell.

Stevie Richards vs. Luke Hawx

Hawx grabbed the mic before the match.  He said he beat Richards’ ass last night and would have no problem doing it tonight.   Richards slapped him.   They locked up and Hawx backed him up into the corner.

Hawx chopped the hell out of Richards but was backdropped over.  Richards worked over Hawx and nailed a neckbreaker.    They battled back and forth.  Richards was placed on the top and Hawx nailed a rana off the top.

Hawx nailed a series of kicks to Richards and started Richards in the corner.  Richards tried to psych himself upbut was cut off with a savate kick across the chest.   Hawx cinched in a side chinlock.  The crowd chanted for Richards.  He fought out but was cut off and nailed a neckbreaker.  He followed up with another.

Hawx was backdropped over the top to the floor.  Richards followed him out.  They chopped each other back and forth.   Hawx tossed Richards back into the ring and back out to the floor.  Back in the ring, they traded punches in the center of the ring.  Hawx blocked one and spun Richards around, nailing a kick to the head.

Richards kicked Hawx in the face and backdropped him over the top.  Hawx landed on the apron and leapt over the ropes into a DDT.   Hawx went to the top with a chair and leapt off but was Steviekicked in the face as he came down for the pin.

Your winner, Stevie Richards!

Hawx attacked Richards after the match and nailed him with a piledriver.  The crowd chanted, “You suck dick.”  He drilled Richards with another sick looking move.

Hawx took the mic and said he wanted Shane Douglas to know that while he took out Richards, he’d rather it was him.  Hawx was forced to the back by Atlas Security.

The crowd chanted for Richards.  He pulled himself to his feet.  They chanted, “You still got it.”

Really good match.

Devon Storm vs. Sabu

Big pop for Sabu.   They started out fast.  Crowbar nailed a back elbow and began choking Sabu with his tuban.   They went to the outside, where they battled back and forth.  A chair was tossed into the ring.

Back in the ring, Storm worked over Sabu with kicks in the corner.  He whipped Sabu into the ropes.  Sabu ducked a clothesline and nailed a springboard leg lariat, then a legdrop.   He set up Storm for Air Sabu but Storm escaped to the floor.  Sabu dove over the top to the floor on Storm.

Sabu nailed a slingshot somersault legdrop for a two count.  He locked in a Camel Clutch.  He flung a chair at Storm’s head in the corner.  They battled in the corner where Storm choked at Sabu.  He came off the top with a dropkick.   Crowbar nailed a Russian legsweep for a two count.

Storm locked in a submission.  Storm suplexed Sabu.  They battled back to the floor.  Storm worked over Sabu and grabbed a piece of the guard rail.   He placed the railing across the ropes and a chair.  He placed Sabu across the rail and nailed a quebrada onto it.  He covered Sabu for a two count.

They battled in the corner.  Sabu whipped Storm into the corner but he went up and over and caught Sabu with an overhead throw suplex.   Storm charged with a chair but Sabu kicked him off.  He charged Storm but was nailed hard in the face.  Sabu battled back and drilled Storm with Air Sabu off the chair in the corner.

Storm cut off Sabu.  He went for a high cross bodyblock into the ropes.  Sabu went through the ropes.  They battled on the outside.   They battled over a chair.  Sabu won and flung it at Storm’s face.   Sabu hit Air Sabu on the floor against the rail, sending Storm into the crowd.  Sabu dove off a chair, hit a springboard and dove into the crowd on Storm.

Sabu went for an Asai Moonsault to the outside but Storm grabbed his leg and slammed him facefirst into the apron.   Storm slid a table into the ring but was cut off by Sabu.  Sabu set up the table but was caught with a sitdown slam by Storm.  He placed Storm face first on the table and went for an Arabian Facebuster through a table.  Sabu slipped and told the fans “one second” then jumped back up and nailed the Facebuster.  Sabu finally covered Storm but he kicked up.

Sabu rained down with punches on Storm.  Storm fought back and came off the top with a splash for a two count.   He went back to the top but was cut off and nailed with a springboard into a rana off the top.   Sabu came off the top with the Arabian Facebuster for the pin.

Your winner, Sabu!

Sabu offered his hand to Storm.  Storm looked at him and took it and they hugged.  Storm then nailed Sabu and worked him over with a chair.  Storm stood over him and mocked him and the fans.  Storm walked out but sat on the apron jawing with a fan.  Sabu dropkicked him off the apron.  They brawled to the back.

A hell of a war of crazy spots and stunts.  Real damn entertaining.  It probably went a little too long considering how much mileage is on Sabu’s odometer but when he nails his stuff, damn it’s awesome.  This was three in a row here for great performances from Storm as well.   Good stuff.

BLK OUT vs. The Gangstas

The Gangstas came out with a slew of weapons and the plunder began as they were brawling.   Jack broke a pool cue over someone.   BLK OUT was tossed into the floor, where the war continued.

They brawled into the crowd.  Jack threw Ruckus hard through a row of chairs.   They brawled into a corner of the venue where The Gangstas set up a table,  Jack dove off the side of the bleachers and put someone through a table.

They dragged BLK OUT back to the ring where Jack came off the top with a chair and pinned them.

Your winners, The Gangstas!

New Jack took the mic and said they are giving a rebirth to what they started.  He said a bunch of people wrong.  Jack said they never forgot where they started and it was right here in Philly.  He said they ripped the roof off the Bingo Hall and 20 years later, they are doing it again.  He said that they have nothing but love for all the true extreme fans.

Homicide vs. Matt Hardy vs. Jerry Lynn

Hardy tackled Homicide immediately.  Homicide bailed out.  Hardy and Lynn.  Lynn bulldogged Homicide.   Hardy grabbed a side headlock.  He and Hardy began working over each other’s arms but Homicide drilled both with a double clothesline.  The crowd was all over Hardy early.

Homicide worked over both men with axehandles.  Homicide drilled Lynn with a right.  Hardy nailed Homicide but Homicide got the better of him.   He drilled Hardy with an uppercut in the corner.  Lynn caught Homicide with a tiltowhirl backbreaker.

Homicide peppered Haardy with punches and covered him for a two count.  Homicide worked over Hardy with a series of uppercuts.  They all battled to the outside, where a table was set up.

They battled back into the ring, where Hardy slammed Homicide.  Hardy came off the apron and attacked Homicide.  Lynn dove off the top to the floor on both of them.

Homicide and Lynn battled back into the ring.  Homicide drilled him and set up a chair in the corner.  Homicide began preparing Lynn to throw him into it but was caught in the Sidewinder by Hardy.    Lynn nailed a sunset flip on Hardy, who suplexed Hardy over at the same time.   Nice spot.

Hardy went to come off the ropes with his legdrop but had his legs swept by Homicide.   Hardy and Homicide battled on the ropes.  Lynn nailed a sunset flip on both of them for a two count.

Lynn tossed Homicide to the outside.  He nailed a guillotine legdrop on Hardy, who was in the ropes.   Hardy nailed the Twist of Fate on Homicide for a two.  Hardy nailed a sideslam and then went to the top for a moonsault, but missed.

Lynn went to the top but was caught with an Ace Crusher off the ropes for a two count,   Homicide grabbed a chair and worked over Hardy.   Reby Sky covered Hardy.  Homicide teased hitting her with the chair.   He went for the CopKilla on her but Lynn nailed Homicide and went for the cradle piledriver but was nailed.  Hardy was checking on Sky, but was attacked by Homicide and nailed with the Cop Killer for the pin.

Your winner, Homicide!

Lynn attacked Homicide and nailed the cradle piledriver.   Hardy and Lynn bridged a table across the ring.  Sky came off the ropes and put Homicide through a table with an elbowdrop.

The show ended with Homicide carried out while Sky, on Hardy’s shoulders, celebrated with Lynn.

That’s all from Philadelphia!