Detailed UFC 146 Pay-Per-View Results – May 26, 2012

Thanks to Jeffrey Harris for the following detailed UFC 146 pay-per-view results:


We are live on press row at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas for UFC 146!

Intros for the first preliminary fight begin at approximately 3:15PM PST.

Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan are of course your broadcast team for tonight as we go to the octagon for our first fight. The first fight begins at 3:45PM PST.

Featherweight Bout: Mike Brown (1445 lbs. 25-8) vs. Daniel Pineda (146 lbs. 17-7)

ROUND ONE: The two fighters circle up. Pineda goes in with a head kick attempt and slips. They start trading punches. Brown lands on an overhand right. Pineda fires in witha nice punching combination and hits Brown with a knee. Brown shoots in and is able to get a takedown on Pineda to the other end of the cage. Brown almost gets side control, but Pineda is able to switch the positions and sweeps to the top of Brown. Brown works back to his feet. Brown separates the clinch with a right hand. They trade some punches. Pineda shoots in for a takedown, but Brown is able to counter into a hip throw and gets Pineda to the ground. Brown lands a few punches in the half-guard before the end. It was a close round, but Brown finished it stronger in the end and had more control on the ground.

SCORECARD: Mike Brown, 10-9. Overall, Mike Brown, 10-9.

ROUND TWO: The former featherweight champion in Brown hurts Pineda with a big left hook. Pineda retaliates for a takedown and Brown looks for a guillotine choke. They work back up and Brown is able to slam Pineda down. Pineda is able to sweep the position and looks for a headlock on Brown. Brown stands them up and they clinch against the fence. Brown tees off on Pineda and lands some solid shots to the body. They go back to the center of the cage. Brown lands on an another overhand right shot but slips on a kick. Brown quickly gets back up and lands some punches on the head of Pineda when he mistimes a takedown shot. Brown works in the full guard and lands some punches and elbow strikes as it looks like Brown has effectively taken the second round.

SCORECARD: Mike Brown, 10-9. Overall, Mike Brown 20-18.

ROUND THREE: Brown looks to have been cut open from an elbow shot by Pineda in the second which we see in the replay. Brown shoots in on Pineda against the face. It looks like a knee strike hurt Pineda who doubles over to the mat. Brown takes top position in the half-guard of Pineda and starts landing some ground strikes. Brown works to pass guard but Pineda is able to hang on. Pineda is able to get full guard, but Brown is still firmly in control and winning the fight. Brown continues to land some ground strikes. Pineda however is able to transition and gets the hooks on Brown and looks for a rear naked choke. Pineda switches to a figure-four body lock and tries for the choke, but Brown is able to defend. Pineda swings in come punches, but he is unable to finish or submit Brown. Impressive rally by Pineda, but I don’t think it was enough to take back the fight.

SCORECARD: 10-10, Draw. Overall, Mike Brown 30-28.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Mike Brown by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

Light Heavyweight Bout: Kyle Kingsbury (205 lbs. 11-3, 1NC) vs. Glover Teixeira (204 lbs. 17-2)

ROUND ONE: They come out trading punches hard. Teixeira drops Kingsbury and starts raining down punishment. Teixeira gets full mount and eats more punches on the ground from Teixeira. Kingsbury tries to escape, but Teixeira locks him down with an arm triangle choke attempt. Teixeira switches over to the side and Kingsbury taps as that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Glover Teixeira by submission (arm triangle choke) at 1:53 in Round 1.

-Rogan is with Teixeira. Teixeira thanks all the people behind him and in his corner. He says he is happy to be here and happy to win. He also says he has a green card now and he’s “here for good.”

-An extremely impressive debut by Teixeira. His striking looked incredibly sharp and he showed he’s dangerous on the ground as well.

Lightweight Bout: Jacob Volkmann (155 lbs. 14-2) vs. Paul Sass (156 lbs. 12-0)

ROUND ONE: Volkmann gets Sass down to the ground early and tries to apply a guillotine choke. Sass is able to defend it as Volkmann works in the guard. Sass works for a triangle choke and is able to grab the arm. Sass finishes it and Volkmann taps!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Paul Sass by Submission (triangle choke/armbar) at 1:54 in Round 1.

-Paul Sass talks through his submission win with Joe Rogan.

-Preliminary card fighter Mike Brown had to say the following: “I feel good the job is done. There was nothing fancy out there but its another paycheck and another ‘W’.” — Sent by UFC

-Preliminary card fighter Daniel Pineda had the following comments: “He’s a strong fighter. Everyone was telling me how strong he was and they were all right. Once I was on the bottom I could feel his strength. I did my best. Congrats to Mike.” — Sent by UFC

-We now move to the FX for the next set of preliminary card fights.

Welterweight Bout: Dan Hardy (170 lbs. 23-10, 1NC) vs. Duane Ludwig (171 lbs. 29-12)

ROUND ONE: They trade strikes. Ludwig wobbles Hardy with some punches and Hardy clinches up with Ludwig and moves him against the cage. Hardy separates the clinch with a nice left hook. Ludwig lands on an outside legkick. Ludwig lands on a knee strike to the body and Hardy again pushes the clinch against the fence. They separate. Hardy lands with a big left hook and Ludwig goes down. Hardy pounces on Ludwig with some elbow strikes on the ground. The referee calls it off and it is over as Hardy finally ends his UFC losing streak.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Dan Hardy by knockout at 3:51 in Round 1.

-Dan Hardy is with Joe Rogan. Hardy says he really respected Ludwig throughout his career and deserves everyone’s respect. Hardy talks about his team around him and moving to Vegas and that he is glad to be back. This was a great, impressive win by Hardy over an experienced and longtime veteran. This will at least keep him in the UFC for now and hopefully he finally has his confidence back.

-Preliminary card fighter Glover Teixeira had the following comments: “I’m really happy a debut in the UFC feels like my debut in MMA. It was that exciting to me. I’m just so happy to be here and after Dana’s speech last night I just went out there and decided to go for it. I wanted him to remember my fight, and me.” — Sent by the UFC

-Preliminary card fighter Kyle Kingsbury had the following comments: “Glover caught me with a good one and I was on the defensive from there on out. He was faster than I expected… Faster than he looked on tape.” — Sent by the UFC

-Preliminary card fighter Paul Sass had the following comments: “I thought this was a big test. I trained two to three times a day with no breaks. This is my biggest victory by far. I never get nervous for fights but today fighting in Las Vegas in the fight capital of the world at the MGM Grand I was definately nervous. I thought toward the end of the submission he might be able to slip out but I was able to seal it up and get the win.”

-Preliminary card fighter Jacob Volkmann had the following comments: “What is there to take away from this fight. I had my elbows out and he got me in a triangle. Not much I can say.”

Middleweight Bout: Jason Miller (185 lbs. 34-9, 1NC) vs. CB Dollaway (186 lbs. 12-5)

-Mayhem comes out in a crazy outfit. He’s got a paper bag over his head with a big toothy grin drawn on it and a beige, hunting type of vest.

ROUND ONE: Mayhem rocks Dollaway and jumps into a guillotine choke. Mayhem tries to cinch it on but Dollaway is able to escape just as Rogan says Dollaway got choked out. Dollaway recovers and gets on top of Mayhem. They get back up and Dollaway takes Mayhem down. Mayhem works back to his feet. Mayhem swings hard with his punches and tries to remain the aggressor. Dollaway rocks Mayhem with a punch and Mayhem goes down. Dollaway attacks and lands some haymaker punches as Mayhem ties to move and defend. Dollaway keeps the waist of Mayhem locked. They move back toward the fence. Dollaway keeps Mayhem on the ground and neutralizes him. Dollaway turns the position over and gets full mount. Mayhem is able to turn it over and works his way back to his feet. Dollaway before the end of the round. A strong early flurry by Mayhem, but Dollaway took back control of the round as it looks like Mayhem has gassed.

SCORECARD: 10-9, CB Dollaway. Overall CB Dollaway, 10-9.

ROUND TWO: Rogan and Goldberg think Mayhem might have tweaked or blown out his knee in the first round. Dollaway lands a nice jab early in the second. Dollaway hits Mayhem with an uppercut and shoves off a takedown attempt. Mayhem rocks Dollaway with a punch, and Mayhem gives chase. Mayhem isn’t able to capitalize. Dollaway recovers and takes Mayhem back to the ground and stays away from a guillotine choke. Dollaway keeps the position clinched against the fence. Mayhem tries to sprawl out of it and looks for another guillotine choke. Dollaway is able to finish the takedown. Dollaway takes back control and grinds out Mayhem on the ground. The crowd is not too happy with the lack of great activity, but Dollaway is working and landing some ground strikes. Dollaway continues working and keeps top position until the end of the round. Mayhem had some strong moments but whenever he hurts Dollaway he is unable to capitalize and finish.

SCORECARD: 10-9, CB Dollaway. Overall CB Dollaway, 20-18.

ROUND THREE: Dollaway shoots in for the takedown again. Mayhem tries to defend, but Dollaway finishes it and moves Mayhem against the fence. Dollaway traps Mayhem’s hand behind the back in a handcuff position (per Joe Rogan). Dollaway continues his smother and neutralize game of Mayhem. They get back up and Dollaway yet again slams Mayhem to the ground and gets Mayhem’s back. Dollaway gets full mount on the back of Mayhem. Miller is flattened out as Dollaway swings down some hammerfist punches. Mayhem continues to eat a lot of punches which he isn’t defending. Dollaway goes to full mount and lays in the position until the end. The clock runs out and Dollaway has defeated Mayhem Miller.

SCORECARD: 10-9, CB Dollaway. Overall CB Dollaway, 30-27.

OFFICIAL RESULT: CB Dollaway by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-26, )

-Dollaway is with Rogan. Dollaway said the plan was to stand and trade with Mayhem and he got hurt in the second round. Dollaway mentioned he recently had hip surgery and this was a tough fight to come back to from surgery. Dollaway says what is next for him is up to the UFC.

-Prelim card fighter Dan Hardy made the following comments following his fight: It felt great out there. You can put all the work in and if it goes wrong for 15 minutes then none of it matters. I’ve had a bad run. I took some time off and then I changed everything – new team, new training. It feels great. When you connect with the right shot you know its over. I put my arms up in celebration a little prematurely but when he looked back up I wasn’t going to let it slip away so I went in and got the finish.” — Sent by the UFC

-Prelim card fighter Duane Ludwig made the following comments: “I got reaching with my right hand. I want to get back in there as soon as possible.” — Sent by the UFC

Lightweight Bout: Edson Barboza (155 lbs. 10-0) vs. Jamie Varner (156 lbs. 19-6-1, 2NC)

ROUND ONE: Barboza lands some solid outside legkicks in the early goings. Barboza goes for a headkick, but Varner is able to catch it and takes Barboza to the ground. Varner has top position and works from the half-guard. Barboza is able to kick Varner off and gets back to his feet. Varner gets a good right hook and follows it up with a shot to the body and an overhand right. Barboza continues to land with his legkicks. Varner pushes forward and slams Barboza to the ground. Varner continues to be the aggressor. Varner lands more punches. Barboza is stunned and Varner continues with the aggression. Varner swarms on Barboza with a barrage of punches against the cage. Barboza gets up and Varner connects with a big right handed punch. Barboza goes down! Varner lands some unprotected shots and that is it! Varner gets what is sure to be the biggest upset win of the night as makes a successful return to the UFC.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jamie Varner by TKO at 3:23 in Round 1.

-Varner is with Joe Rogan. Varner thanks the UFC for bringing him back and talks about knowing what you lost when you hit rock bottom and more than anything wanted to come in and give a good fight for the fans even if he lost. Varner says Barboza was undefeated and a monster in his mind going into this fight. He says he won this for the fans and talks about his team who helped him believe in himself. An incredible win for Varner I never saw coming. This is the best Varner has ever looked in his career as he makes a successful return to the UFC after going into a slump after he lost the WEC lightweight title to Ben Henderson and had to work his way back in to the UFC.

-Glover Teixeira vs. Kyle Kingsbury from earlier is replayed for the FX broadcast.

Featherweight Bout: Diego Brandao (145 lbs. 19-7) vs. Darren Elkins (145 lbs. 14-2)

ROUND ONE: They go to the ground early. Elkins gets out of a choke attempt. Elkins gets back up and trips Brandao, but Brandao tries for a kimura attempt and switches position to full mount. Elkins gets out of it. Elkins then attempts a kimura of his own but Brandao escapes. They return to their feet. Brandao sprawls on a takedown attempt and comes back with a big knee strike. Brandao gets Elkins down into side control. They get back up. Brandao continues to beat up and punish Elkins with some nasty punches and strikes. Brandao drops a big punch into the guard of Elkins. Elkins manages to survive some vicious ground punishment from Brandao. Elkins manages to make it out of the first and the fight will continue.

SCORECARD: 10-9, Diego Brandao. Overall Diego Brandao, 10-9.

ROUND TWO: Brandao lands a good knee. Elkins answers with a nice punch. Brandao hits a stepping elbow strike to the head of Elkins. Brandao slips on an attack and Elkins is able to move into Brandao’s guard. Brandao tries to escape, but Elkins maintains top position and lands some hammerfist punches. Elkins pushes the pace and activity and it looks like Brandao might’ve gassed out in the first round. Elkins gets full mount and drops some big punches. Brandao recovers, but Elkins is able to maintain the dominant position until the end of the round. This was a huge comeback round for Elkins as he nearly was destroyed in that first round.

SCORECARD: 10-9, Darren Elkins. Overall even, 19-19.

ROUND THREE: Brandao’s corner says it’s 1 round to one and he needs to win this last round. Elkins’ corner tells him to stand his ground. Brandao lands an uppercut. Elkins moves forward with some punches. Elkins shoots in and gets a takedown. Elkins lands some short elbow strikes in guard. Elkins is able to get the full mount again and he continues to dominate Brandao. Elkins continues up the punishment as it seems he has completely turned this fight around amazingly. Elkins works in the guard and lands some shots to the kidney. Elkins attempts to lock in a guillotine choke but Brandao is able to get out after Elkins steps over. Brandao escapes and gets back to his feet. He drops a punch to Elkins and now works in the guard of Brandao. Elkins holds on to and tries to neutralize Brandao’s ground offense with seconds to go. Brandao lands a punch but the round ends as it looks like Elkins has scored an impressive upset. The only other possible score would be a draw if the judges gave the first round to Brandao by 10-8.

SCORECARD: 10-9, Darren Elkins. Overall Darren Elkins, 29-28.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Darren Elkins by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

-Darren Elkins with Joe Rogan. Elkins talks having to survive the first round with Brandao and building off the momentum in taking back the second. Elkins accidentally drops an F-bomb. Elkins says he’s very happy and excited to beat an Ultimate Fighter winner.

-Preliminary card fighter Jamie Varner had the following comments after his fight: “Hitting rock bottom definitely lit a fire in me. I was burnt out on fighting but I figured Michael Jordan retired a few times. I’m finding my way back and I’m happy to be here. It’s surreal. I built this guy up to be a monster. In my mind it was David vs. Goliath. I had so many people doubting me and hating me but I just tuned it out and was able to overcome it.”

-Preliminary card fighter Edson Barboza made the following comments following his loss to Jamie Varner: “I’m going to watch the video and see where I made the mistakes then correct them and come back stronger.”
-Dana White and Joe Rogan run down the PPV card to close out the FX show.

-Preliminary card fighter CB Dollaway had the following to say after his win over Jason “Mayhem” Miller: “It’s been a long road after the injury. Twentyone days in crutches and a four month recovery afterwards but I wanted a tough fight. I’m not getting any younger so I took the fight with Mayhem. I watched a lot of video of him and I expected his antics. He’ll have a lot of excuses to come up with after all the trash he talked. I knew I had to get in and get the take down. I got caught a couple of times but I’ve been hit and hurt before. You have to find a way to recover and get the win and I was able to.”

-Dana White and Joe Rogan run down the PPV card to close out the FX show.

-That’s it for the prelims on Facebook and FX. It is now time for the all heavyweight main PPV card. We see some footage of Junior dos Santos in his locker room getting ready as well.

-We get to see the new UFC PPV opening. The main card fighters talk about their fights and then we get the UFC “Bring The Pain” introduction. Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg run down the night’s featured bouts.

Heavyweight Bout: Stefan Struve (255 lbs. 27-5) vs. Lavar Johnson (248 lbs. 17-5)

ROUND ONE: Johnson comes in with some big punches. Struve gets some double underhooks. Struve drops to the ground and pulls full closed guard. Struve is able to go for the armbar and finishes it. Struve cinches it on and Johnson taps. That is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Stefan Struve by submission (armbar).

-Stefan Struve is with Joe Rogan. Struve talks about his confidence in dropping into the ground to go for the submission (armbar) at 1:05 in Round 1.

-Preliminary card fighter Darren Elkins had the following comments after his big upset win over Diego Brandao: “I got more of a confidence when I saw I could strike with him. I felt him gassing and my plan coming into this was to let him throw in the first round and slow it down in the second and third. I’m happy to be moving up in the division and now that I’m at 3-0 I’m sure they’ll give me a step up fight next and I’ll be ready when they do.” – Sent by the UFC

-Preliminary card fighter Diego Brandao said the following: “I’m gonna try and change my head. He beat me in the mental game. I need to be more focused out there so I’m going to work on that.” — Sent by the UFC

Heavyweight Bout: Stipe Miocic (245 lbs. 8-0) vs. Shane del Rosario (246 lbs. 11-0)

ROUND ONE: Rosario eats a punch when going for an inside legkick. Miocic goes in with a nice punching combination. Rosario tries throwing some kicks to the legs and to the body. Miocic continues to move forward with his punching attack. Rosario moves in with some more kicks to the body and Miocic looks a little wobbled but he circles away and appears to recover. Rosario knocks back Miocic with a punch and starts moving forward. Miocic looks to have recovered again. Rosario lands a head kick, but Miocic is able to land a takedown near the end. Miocic stands up from the guard and Miocic moves back to his feet before the end of round. Close round, but I think del Rosario had the more damaging and effective attacks.

SCORECARD: 10-9, Shane del Rosario. Overall Shane del Rosario, 10-9.

ROUND TWO: Rosario lands another kick to the midsection early on. Miocic is able to move in with some more punches. Miocic shoots in and gets a quick single-leg takedown into side control. Rosario is able to transition to guard, but Miocic is able to land some ground punches. Miocic grinds out Rosario on the ground and busts him open with some elbows and hammerfists. Miocic lands some nasty elbow strikes to del Rosario and del Rosario taps and the bout is over.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Stipe Miocic by TKO at 3:14 in Round.

Heavyweight Bout: Roy Nelson (254 lbs. 17-7) vs. Dave Herman (233 lbs. 21-3)

ROUND ONE: They circle. Eventually Nelson lands a huge overhand right that looked like Herman got hit in the head by a sledgehammer. Herman is down. The referee moves in and the fight is over in less than minute. Nasty knockout finish for Nelson who gets back on the winning track.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Roy Nelson by knockout at 0:51 in Round 1.

-Nelson says the knockout felt good and the right hand knocks. Nelson thanks Herman for taking the fight since everyone else dropped out on him. Nelson attributes his clean punching power to a lot of eating and lifting the food to his mouth.

-Dan Hardy vs. Duane Ludwig from the FX card is replayed for the PPV broadcast.

-Jamie Varner vs. Edson Barboza from the FX card is replayed for the PPV broadcast.

Heavyweight Bout: Cain Velasquez (240 lbs. 9-1) vs. Antonio Silva (264 lbs. 16-3)

ROUND ONE: Velasquez almost immediately tosses Silva to the ground after catching a kick attempt. Velasquez starts with the ground and pound strikes but Silva manages to hang in there. Silva is busted open from the elbows and punches he’s been on the receiving end of. Silva is heavily gushing blood. Referee josh Rosenthal calls for a timeout to have the doctors check on the cut of Antonio Silva. Silva looks like he’s having trouble seeing with all the blood in his eyes. The cageside doctor wipes of some of the blood and the fight continues back on the ground. Velasquez continues to drop some punches and Silva is unable to work his way back up. Silva’s head and body are covered with blood. Silva gives up his back and Velasquez lands more punches to the unprotected head of Silva. Silva turns back over and starts turtling up. Velasquez drops a more punches and Silva is unable to intelligently defend himself. The referee steps in and that is all as Velasquez gets an emphatic victory following his loss of the title to Junior dos Santos last November.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Cain Velasquez at 3:36 in Round 1.

-Cain Velasquez is with Joe Rogan. Velasquez talks about getting passed the loss to dos Santos and credits his coaches and training camp.

-Rogan does the tale of the tape for the main event and breaks down the advantages and keys to victory for Frank Mir and champion Junior dos Santos.

-Main card fight winner Stefan Struve made the following comments after his win: “It feels really good. One minute and five seconds is always a good time to win a fight. Everyone kept telling me I was going to get knocked out. I didn’t want to give him a chance to do what he does best. They way he was holding me I felt like I could get the armbar so I went for it.” – Sent by the UFC

-Lavar Johnson said the following after his loss to Stefan Struve: “I felt great and I knew I was in great shape. I really believed i had the upper hand coming into this fight. I was able to get inside and give him a great body shot and take him down. The submission felt really loose and I wasn’t worried about it. Then the pain started to come and I had to tap.” — Sent by the UFC

UFC Heavyweight Championship Bout: Junior dos Santos © (239 lbs. 14-1) vs. Frank Mir (261 lbs. 16-5)

-Junior dos Santos once again comes out to the Rocky theme music. Former UFC heavyweight champion, Brock Lesnar, is in attendance at ringside tonight.

ROUND ONE: Mir shoots in quickly for a single-leg takedown. Mir drops to go for a leglock but can’t finish it and Junior slips away. The crowd is solidly behind JDS and chanting “CIGANO!” JDS lands on a left hook. JDS counters with his left hook and lands a shot to the body. Mir hits JDS with an outside legkick. JDS picks his shots on Mir and looks to be landing more. Mir lands another legkick which Rogan likes. Mir hits JDS with a straight left hand. JDS hits Mir with a solid punch to the bread basket. JDS starts unloading his hands and Mir looks wobbled and hurt. Mir though does make it out of the first round.

SCORECARD: 10-9, Junior dos Santos. Overall Junior dos Santos, 10-9.

ROUND TWO: JDS hurts Mir with some more punches and Mir flops to his butt. JDS refuses to go to the ground with Mir and tells him to get back up. Mir gets up and and back in. He gets a side kick. JDS looks to be picking his shots and landing them when he wants to and keeping Mir on the outside. JDS drops Mir with a big right hand. JDS swarms down and dropping punches on Mir. Mir rolls around and JDS drops one more punch for good measure and that is all as JDS defends his title for the first time.