Details Behind Matt Hardy’s WWE Release, Expected To Join TNA

World Wrestling Entertainment officials had discussed releasing Matt Hardy from his contract weeks before it was officially granted last Friday. There were some in WWE who wanted Hardy gone as soon as he requested his walking papers, but the key factor preventing organization officials from letting him go was the belief that it would keep Jeff Hardy in TNA Wrestling longer than his current deal calls for. The argument was that with Linda McMahon nearing the end of her Senate campaign, WWE shouldn’t employ a wrestler doing anything he could to get fired.

Those close to Hardy say he is definitely headed to TNA Wrestling. While those affiliated with the Orlando based organization have not been directly told he is coming in, most everyone broached on the subject expects it to occur.

There has already been discussion within TNA Wrestling of programming a Hardys vs. Beer Money, Inc. feud with the hope that it would elevate Robert Roode and James Storm. It is said that both Hardy brothers are very much aware of this possible scenario.

Meanwhile, Hardy’s numerous attention seeking videos, such as a recent entry of him eating lunch with an unmasked Rey Mysterio, have not endeared him to the TNA locker room. TNA employees who said they were friends with him in WWE aren’t defending his online behavior.

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source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter