Details On John Cena’s New Character; Juan Cena

As previously reported, WWE is testing a new character for John Cena .. his Mexican cousin, Juan Cena. Juan Cena made his WWE debut at Sunday’s Raw live event in Salisbury, Maryland as he competed in a Triple Threat Match against Wade Barrett and WWE Champion The Miz.

During his ring intro, it was announced that Juan Cena hails from West Newbarnia, Mexico and weighs in at 108.86 kilos. John Cena is of course from West Newbury, Massachusetts. and he wrestles at 240 lbs (equivalent to 108.86 kilos). No explanation was given for Juan Cena’s appearance.

Juan donned a purple and yellow colored mask for the bout, which color coordinated with a shirt and hat bearing his cousin’s name. He used the multi-time champion’s trademark maneuvers during the bout, including the Five Knuckle Shuffle and Attitude Adjustment. The match’s finish saw Alex Riley pull Juan out of the ring after hitting Barrett with the Attitude Adjustment, which allowed The Miz to capture the pinfall victory.

Juan Cena is being advertised for several live WWE events in the coming weeks and months. WWE is promoting several upcoming RAW live events with the following line: “Will John Cena crash the party?”