Details On Konnan’s Latest Health Issues

It was reported by Twitter account @LuchaBlog that former WCW/Impact Wrestling star Konnan underwent heart surgery due to the effects of Covid-19 and is in stable condition.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer of went into more detail about Konnan’s health issues:

“When he had COVID a year ago, it really messed up his heart and kidneys and his kidneys are in really bad shape right now. About a week ago, he was getting chest pains. He thought it had to do with..he suffered some fractured ribs when he was in AEW if you remember when he took the big rig from FTR. He thought it had to do with that and ended up getting checked out. They said it was a heart issue that he got taken care of, but he still has a kidney issue to take care of. He’s back home today, but yeah, it’s pretty serious and the kidney issue is still ongoing. So he’s going to need a kidney transplant again and he thinks he has a donor.”