Details Regarding The Man That Attacked Bret Hart

According to LA Times reporter Arash Markazi, the fan that attacked Bret Hart during the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony has been charged with two counts of assault in the 3rd degree and disorderly conduct.

The fan has been identified as 26 year-old Zach Madsen.

Sean Ross Sapp of noted the following about Madsen:

“Fightful Select has confirmed that Bret Hart’s attacker, Zach Madsen, is actually an amateur MMA fighter, with a record of 2-1. I’m told Hart’s Attacker Zach Madsen actually quit his job at Allstate to focus on an MMA career, which obviously hasn’t worked out. Prior to that he worked at the Allstate Contact Center on a chat team primarily assisting insurance agents via IM on life insurance policies.”

Madsen was also arrested late last year for violating a protection order.

Madsen has a Twitter account and recently expressed frustration with WWE:

Video footage has surfaced of Dash Wilder throwing a direct punch at Madsen while Madsen was being carried out by other WWE stars.