Details Regarding WWE WrestleMania 35 Angle That Was Nixed

During The New Day’s recent podcast, Big E talked about a proposed angle to hype up last year’s Wrestlemania that was nixed:

“The original plan was that you [Kofi Kingston] and I were supposed to go backstage ripping things up on a tear we go to his office. We go to [Vince McMahon’s] office and we knock on his door and either he doesn’t answer or he opens the door and says, ‘Oh I don’t have time for you’ or something like that.”

“The plan legitimately and I was so excited for this was that we kick in the door. We tear his office up. Legit throw things over. I think he’s in the office in the corner. We’re throwing tables over and making a mess of his office just going on a rampage and like had this visceral anger about what’s happening to Kofi and one of those things that drove the storyline was that [Kofi’s] story so closely paralleled Bryan’s, but to me didn’t feel it was a rip-off or derivative of Bryan’s story at all and, of course the fact that your pitted against Bryan at WrestleMania when that came. I think some of the language was interesting that He Who Shall Not Be Named talked about you that you were a B Plus player that you weren’t good enough. It was a lot of thinly veiled when you’ve got 13 years of experience like why exactly aren’t you good enough?”