Dewey Foley No Longer With WWE, Reacts to Writers vs. Creative and “Stooge” Remark

Dewey Foley has left the WWE.

According to PWInsider, Dewey, the son of WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley, reportedly left the company in late April. It was noted that he left on his own initiative; he was not fired in this instance.

Foley has most recently worked for the WWE NXT brand and has previously served on the WWE creative team. Prior to the 205 Live brand’s cancellation and replacement with NXT Level Up earlier this year, he served as its lead writer.

Dewey posted the following on Instagram on April 2 and it appears that he may have quit WWE following WrestleMania 38 Weekend, “Been a hell of a ride but I’m thinking it’s time to grow… Been a hell of a ride but I’m thinking it’s time to go… Went out with a bang. #StandAndDeliver nah #StoodAndDelivered”

This week, in response to a post started by Twitter personality Trevor Dame, Dewey defended the WWE staff he had worked with.

Dame wrote, “I think one of the worst things WWE has done is convince a generation of people that a room of D-level Hollywood writers are required to do good storylines, promos and angles, when in actuality the big writing staff era of wrestling has been 80% dog shit. Most of the wrestling you love was built on talented people getting bullet points and rough sketches of ideas and then improvising. Memphis was one of the great angle feds in history and sometimes that was Jerry Lawler booking it in five minutes as he took a McDonalds shit. ‘But what if a talented wrestler can’t do improvised promos? Surely a writer is needed then’. You know wrestling is a crazy thing, if you’re bad at talking, you can literally have someone good at talking do that part for you, it’s called a manager. Still don’t need a script! Managers are one of the magical things about wrestling. There are few walks of life where if you’re great at 75% of a job but suck at the rest, you can just have someone do that part for you. Imagine being a quarterback who can’t throw and you just pay a guy to run those plays.”

Dewey responded, “I see where you’re coming from but you’re tweeting about something you aren’t fully knowledgable about. The actual Writers & Writers’ Room is far from the problem. There’s a HUGE difference between ‘Writers’ and ‘Creative’. Had to stick up for the ‘D-listers’ I’ve worked with. I know you mean well, but a WWE Writer can be a Talent’s best friend/resource. Of course 9/10 wrestlers won’t outwardly say that. A really good Writer can make a hell of a difference and will fight for the Talent & stories they believe in. When a really good Writer & an incredible Talent come together, we make magic! As much as we can given all the restrictions & rules. If there were less of those, there would be long-term stories with beautiful payoffs guided by memorable promos. None of that the Writers’ faults.”

One fan called Foley a stooge, writing, “Dewey Foley sounds like a proper stooge. The fact he picked this week to defend the structure of WWE’s creative process is amazing.”

Dewey reacted, “Timing certainly isn’t impeccable! Not defending anything or anyone because of my stooginess. I was just offering some truth considering I am very knowledgeable to the process.”

In connection with that, Dewey provided some crucial guidance for wrestling fans in his reply to Chris Mueller’s recent Twitter thread regarding the IWC.

“This is solely my opinion – wrestling is WAYYYY better when it’s not your identity. If it’s not your job, don’t spend all your time discussing. The craziest part is close to no one knows what they’re talking about bc you truly aren’t in that bubble. Enjoy life outside the bubble!,” Dewey wrote. He added in a follow-up tweet, “It is totally okay to disagree with me and it is awesome to love the sport so much that you want to dedicate your time & money towards it. But the moment you let it become you, ask yourself what are you living for? A company? A person portraying a character on TV? Just be careful”

As can be seen in the tweet below, Mick stated this week that he will be taking a break from updating his social media accounts and that Dewey will take over for the time being.