Dexter Lumis Finally Gets WWE Contract, Fans Go on Shopping Spree With Lumis’ Money

(Photo Credit: WWE)

In the storylines, Dexter Lumis has finally earned his WWE contract.

Lumis defeated The Miz in an Anything Goes match on Monday night’s WWE RAW. Lumis is now an official WWE Superstar as per the agreement.

The Miz attempted to weasel out of the match once more, this time with a phony injury, but Adam Pearce foiled his plans. Pearce then sat ringside to watch the match, with Lumis’ contract on display. Lumis signed the contract following the match, and Pearce ended up giving him the bag of cash that The Miz brought out with him. Lumis started giving money to younger fans at ringside until The Miz attacked from behind and took some money from a fan.

Miz finished the segment by turning around on the stage in response to a superkick from Johnny Gargano. Gargano returned money to one fan before sharing a thumbs up and an embrace with Lumis.

The months-long Lumis vs. Miz feud is expected to end, but Miz vs. Gargano appears to be continuing.

Below is a look back at the Lumis vs. Miz feud, as well as footage from Monday night’s match and post-match angle, as well as video of the young fans spending the money on WWE merchandise: