Diamond Dallas Page Comments On If He’ll Do A Match In AEW

In an interview with WrestlingInc.com, Diamond Dallas Page commented on if he’ll do a match in AEW:

“I’ve gotta say no, truthfully, and I’m not working you. My body feels too good that I don’t wanna screw anything up.”

“I really don’t see it happening [with another match]. Some Diamond Cutters – I have plenty of those left in me,” stated DDP. “But actually working? I’m gonna say no right now because I’d have to get paid to take any kind of bumps [laughs]…”

“If [Cody] needs me to do something, then I’m gonna do it. Getting in the ring? I want the young boys to do their thing. These are the superstars where if I can help them get any cred – I did it back in the TNA days when they brought back me and Scott and Kev – that’s what got them on Spike. These guys are already on TNT.”