Diamond Dallas Page Exposed To Covid-19, Reveals QT Marshall Allegedly Had It

WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page published a video and talked about how he was feeling Covid-19 symptoms after his daughters attended a bridal shower. DDP’s test results came back negative but his doctor believes it was a mistake and that DDP had the virus.

DDP also revealed that QT Marshall had Covid-19 but only felt symptoms for a few days:

“He tells me, 20 days ago he was tested, he’s got COVID. He had 3 days of symptoms, nothing after that. His wife Caroline, she came back negative, she’s had one symptom after another.”

“Please try to care about other people. If you don’t wear a mask for you, wear it for other people. Be cautious, do the social distancing and just be good to each other. We’ve only got ourselves so be good to each other.”

(h/t Sescoops)