Diana Hart Opens Up About British Bulldog In New Interview

Thanks to the Prime Time with Sean Mooney podcast for passing this along:

This week on “Prime Time with Sean Mooney,” we welcomed wife of The British Bulldog & member of the legendary Hart Family, Diana Hart!

Diana shares some incredible Stu Hart stories, memories of Stu training in the dungeon, and discusses the early success of Stampede Wrestling. Diana talks about meeting Davey Boy Smith for the first time and having to date in secret. Diana reflects on the challenges she faced being the wife of a WWE Superstar, and the struggles her children, Harry and Georgia, also faced.

Diana discusses the infamous backstage incident between the Bulldogs and Rougeaus, and the ultimate fallout between Davey and Dynamite Kid. Plus, ALL about the legendary SummerSlam `92 match between Davey and Bret – the lead up to the match, Davey’s substance issues, the stress she felt, and the impact the match had on both men’s careers. Diana also talks about the end of her marriage to Davey, the impact of Owen’s tragic death, and so much more.