Diana Hart Smith Continues To Lash Out At Michael Cole

Diana Hart Smith, the outspoken mother of recently released WWE talent Harry Smith, continues to lash out at Michael Cole via Twitter after calling the WWE broadcaster effeminate on Monday. She wrote the following messages on the microblogging site on Thursday, including calling creative writer Michael Hayes a transvestite.

* “Does the reMARKable Michelle Cole have rabbies or perhaps mange. Just wondering because he is such a dog for a diva. That’s what he is, right?”

* “When Michael Hayes wrestled in Germany in late 70s as a transvestite, was his name Suzi Sykes or Suzy Sails? Any1 know?. He was quite the lady.”

* “Michelle Cole=reMARKable 2 staff&Vince 2.? wuld pedigree Harry b w/whores like MC. Recall early days gttng wedgied by HHH/DX & he cried on live TV.”

The former wife of “British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith also noted during her diatribe that Harry is heading to Japan at the end of the month for the Inoki Genome Federation.

Harry, meanwhile, apologized for his mother’s critical remarks. He says he has no ill will towards Michael Cole nor WWE.

“In regards to my Mom’s twitter remarks about Michael Cole and the WWE, these are only her opinions she’s expressing. I hold no ill feelings towards the WWE, and I don’t want it to look like I’m influencing these posts in any way shape or form,” he wrote on Facebook. “I’m a man of honor and integrity and try to be like my Grandfather Stu Hart. If I have something to say to or about someone I’ll say it to their face. I really dislike twitter, so I can’t post this myself on there.”

The self-proclaimed “Voice of WWE” did Smith no favors during his lone broadcast booth appearance on an episode of Raw last year as he criticized the third generation wrestler’s verbal ability and lack of charisma.

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