Dijak On Pro Wrestling: “Don’t Let Other People Tell You Something You Liked Was Stupid”

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Dijak won what was billed as a “Asylum Match” against Joe Gacy on WWE NXT’s March 5th, 2024 “Roadblock” edition.

While Dijak received some criticism for his moonsault from the top of a steel cage, others praised his performance, including Twitter/X user @cramoukji.

The fan wrote, “What the Dijak (@DijakWWE) vs Joe Gacy (@JoeGacy) Asylum match has proven again is that I love my pro-wrestling the best when it’s done with seriousness but not taking itself too seriously.”

Dijak responded, “Pro wrestling is a variety show, and I love every variety. Everyone’s preferences should be respected and served. I love having serious matches, funny matches, weapons matches, all matches. Don’t let other people tell you something you liked was stupid. I’m glad you enjoyed it!”

Dijak also addressed a comment about WWE lacking in 2024 “Match of the Year” contenders so far:

“This tweet keeps popping up on my timeline so I’ve had the chance to think about it a few times. MOTY is such an interesting term. In something as overarching as pro wrestling it’s truly difficult to compare. If you like hard hitting violence then Trick vs Ilja is one of my all time favorites. If you enjoy a unique spectacle then me vs Gacy was probably right up your alley. If you like emotional moments then you probably loved the women’s royal rumble match. The truth is when people hear MOTY they typically default to their favorite 30+ minute championship match and the reality is that WWE doesn’t do too many of those outside of WrestleMania. Enjoy whatever you enjoy, but lumping all of it under one umbrella doesn’t accomplish much in my opinion.”

“Not offended at all, your criteria is your criteria. It’s a checks and balances system. The talent in WWE all want long matches with big stakes, I promise. The management mostly wants to save those matches for big stages and I don’t blame them for that either. I agree with you that the talent pool in present day WWE is unbelievably deep, and when our number is called we are all super hungry and motivated to knock it out of the park.”