Do We Need Another Attitude Era?, Indy Companies Worth Watching

One of the biggest complaints about modern day WWE is the ‘watered down PG era’ and the cry to bring back the ‘attitude era’ but you have to ask, is this really needed? In short, NO. While many would agree that product has grown stale and needs facelift, a revisit to the attitude era is not the way to do it. With so many gambling sites now available, you can bet your casino bonus on this. Don’t misunderstand, the product could be a little edgier but do we really need Bra and Panties matches? A live sex show? It’s 2019 and the story-telling has got to be a little more mature than that. That said it could definitely use a spark of ‘realism’ in everything it does. Having 2 men or women battle it out in a no holds barred match and expecting someone to not bleed is a bit of a stretch. Easy answer, yes the WWE product could benefit from being slightly more edgy but it’s 2019 and not 2001 so attitude era is not needed and actually out-dated.

During my first stint here at PWMania I wrote an article about independent companies that would success and boy was I wrong about most all of them. This time I am going to just state a few companies worth checking out and let you decide if you see a future with them or not.

The first one I am going to cover is the only promotion to be on both my original list and my new list and that is of course, Wildkat Sports (Wildkat Wrestling). Wildkat is a New Orleans based promotion run by Luke Hawx. Luke has a fantastic eye for what he wants the product to be. Recently Wildkat announced an 8th anniversary show, “Revolution Rumble” which is advertised as the biggest pro wrestling event, outside of WrestleMania, in Southern Louisiana since the 1980s. It’s been 7 years since I last wrote about WildKat and I am glad to see them still thriving.

Up next is Major League Wrestling. MLW was founded by Court Bauer in 2002. MLW has an interesting history. MLW was founded in Philadelphia but quickly moved to New York City and then quickly moved again to Florida. In its original run MLW aired “Underground TV” which was a show, hosted by Joey Styles, but consisting of pre-taped matches. With Joey as commentator and pushing many former ECW stars MLW found itself faced with criticism for being a second rate ECW. In 2004 MLW ceased operations. However, in 2011 MLW returned but as a radio network hosting wrestling related podcast and digital content.

In 2017 MLW relaunched its wrestling promotion and quickly found itself with a weekly TV show on BeinSports US. You can watch MLW online around the world including United Kingdom, France and Norway. MLW runs Fusion every week and has featured many young stars and veterans alike. If you have never had a chance to watch this promotion I highly suggest you do so. You won’t be disappointed as it has a great combination of a technical, hard-core, and more!

I am not in any way saying these are the only 2 companies worth watching, not at all. There are so many companies out there outside of WWE and AEW and I hope over the coming months I can help each of you discover at least one new promotion or a minimum a new a wrestler. I will have future articles dedicated to covering individual companies and stars. Additionally I plan to line-up some interesting interviews and more for all of you. A special thank you to everyone who asked me over and over to get back into writing, this really is something I love to do and my readers make it worth it. If you have a promotion you would like to see me discuss, a general topic, or just want to say “HI” feel free to contact me or comment below.