Dolph Ziggler Says He’s Ready To Steal Show At Any Time, But Likes Being Helpful Veteran

Dolph Ziggler is all about being a helpful veteran to other talents in WWE.

But he’s also all about stealing the show on a moments’ notice.

The WWE Superstar recently spoke about this during an appearance on the Andy’s Hall Access program for an in-depth interview.

Featured below are some of the highlights from the discussion where he touches on this topic with his thoughts.

On how he does want to be the helpful veteran but he also has the drive to steal the show at a moment’s notice: “My favorite thing is, if someone goes, ‘Oh, he’s an old vet,’ well, yeah, I can help people out backstage. I’m good at my job, and I’m comfortable enough, knowing how good I am, that I can help, but also going, ‘I’m not just here to help.’ I also have this ego and have this talent that I go, ‘Damnit, I want to steal the show every night no matter where I am or if I’m on the card or not.’”

On wanting the wrestling business to be a better place because he was apart of it: “I embrace that because I love the business and I have one damn goal. It’s not titles, it’s not a certain match or person or whatever, it’s to have this business be better because I was involved in it and when I leave, it’s better because I was a part of it. That’s the important part.”

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