Don Callis Comments On The State Of Impact Wrestling

During an appearance on David Penzer’s podcast, Don Callis commented on the current state of Impact Wrestling:

“I think Scott [D’Amore] and I came in under very challenging circumstances in terms of public perception, perhaps. I think we’re a very good team in the sense that Scott had an intimate knowledge of Impact. I had not watched the product since I left TNA on top of 2004, so we both had very perspectives but similar philosohpies about how the wrestling business worked – and had a 45-year friendship that comes along with that. I think the people in the locker room have really made the product exciting to watch. They’ve done a great job in terms of what they deliver in-ring.”

“I’m not gonna mention anyone in particular because it’s not fair to leave anyone out because it is a team. Not everyone is the quarterback, some people are the long-snappers. You want to make sure you take care of everyone. The reality is that I never said I was anything other than what I am, which is a visionary. I changed the wrestling business……I said at that time, I’m motivated by big things. Not motivated by week-to-week ratings and things of that nature because guess what? Next week they’ll forget what the rating was the week before. The reality is, they’ll still be talking about changing the entire industry twice which is what Kenny and I have done.”