Dr. Shawn’s Corner – Stasiak Wrestling Comeback Documentary Featuring Retro WWE Footage

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So, here is a long version video that I released regarding an idea of a comeback story I’ve had for a few years now. Although I have spoken to the brass of the WWE and have even had a conversation with Vince McMahon himself….and although he really seemed like he genuinely liked and appreciated it….It just didn’t get received as something that this company wanted to go with or run in that direction. So I was told by the man himself…. And will be glad to get more into that topic later on a video post or podcast that I will be doing again soon.

For whatever reason they just weren’t interested in running with it… something we could of bet on using a Betfred promo code. I don’t know exactly why but do have my thoughts and can understand some reasons as to why they wouldn’t want to go with it…Regardless, I don’t take it personal as I realize business is business and at the end of the day if they just don’t see “IT” the time it is presented….And just don’t see it as a revenue/rating draw or attraction then that’s that. And I get that.

Again, nothing personal….. But I must say regardless of whose storyline this would have belonged to and whomever played the role…It in my opinion is one BAD ASS REAL AUTHENTIC story with a lot of REAL emotion that could be evoked and displayed on camera and in the arena that would resonate fire, passion and a LOT of INSPIRATION to many I feel would organically connect with. I mean who doesn’t like a good comeback or underdog story???

But it would have to be built right and today’s generation of fans/demographic would have to be educated a bit on my father and I’s history, background and connection with the WWE. Of course the die hard and or life-long traditional fan would recognize us surely with perhaps a smaller percentage of them having to maybe be refreshed a bit on exactly who we were and our connection to the company.

But that’s why we have what is called retro footage from years gone by and wait a minute….Don’t we have something called the WWE network?? Oh yeah…that’s right…We certainly do!!! You couldn’t find a better source for archived traditional video content that is not only entertaining but is and will continue to be a great educational tool for professional wrestling fans. Especially with this new generation/era. So there you go…My two cent perspective on that topic.

But for the most part fans would recognize and if anything a good number of them would probably even feel a sense of refreshment and relief in seeing a familiar face from the “Attitude Era” and someone that I would venture to say may very well be the ONLY one left or for sure one of a very select few that is alive and in good physical shape/condition from that special era that could still go and could actually really make this happen.

People relate and connect with REAL….Why are so many people around the world especially here in the US that connect with reality TV shows, UFC/MMA, real sports, game shows, etc…..Because it’s REAL for the most part and REAL RAW organic emotion comes out and that makes for great TV. Just look up rating/revenue stats for various reality type TV shows on their respective networks. The numbers don’t lie.

And that’s what the main culprit of this story is……REAL. Hence; pretty much the sole reason or justification I could make to come out of wrestling retirement and take one last good strong run at potentially creating history for the WWE. Though I’ve been lying low and away from mainstream wrestling TV for some time now…It’s not like I’ve been doing nothing in way of staying in shape and if anything got in even better shape and condition over the years not just physically but very much so mentally/spiritually. Just watch the video….It pretty much speaks for itself and I say that with much humbleness but at the same time just felt compelled to say. So…JUST SAYIN!!! ;)

So with all this being said….Regardless of what the outcome could have been, still could be, etc…..sit back, relax and enjoy the video idea for what it’s worth. If anything I hope you all can resonate with its message. And that message is simply….If you have a dream, a goal, a vision and you are deeply passionate about it…Regardless of what the outcome may or may not be….You just need to put it out there and go for it the best you know how. And then be able to look at yourself in the mirror and say to yourself….I have done ALL I could do to manifest this dream or vision. Put your butt on the line and go for it.

Chances then over time….You will probably manifest what you dreamed of. And if not, something of equal or even greater value will come into your existence. But it all starts with a vision, a dream and then taking all the necessary practical day to day steps towards it regardless of road bumps, naysayers, negative people, discouragements, politics , failures , pit falls, etc….

As long as you stuck to your beliefs, positive energy, vision, passion, love, excitement, creativity and busted your ass to do all you could to make it happen….This to me is a reflection of a true inner WARRIOR’s spirit!!! And you can’t ask for more than that.

I have done my part…..I’ve put it out there. Now let’s see what the Universe comes back with. Regardless, I trust in it and feel deep down that whatever it is will be for a bigger and greater reason and has my best interest at heart. And I can live with that.

Dr Shawn

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