Dr. Shawn’s Corner – WWE Highlight Reel Featuring Speaking Career, Chiropractic Work and Philosophy

Hello wrestling fans!

Welcome back to Dr Shawn’s corner!

Here is a highlight reel/video that I’ve used for a few years now right before I walk out on stage to speak at various venues.

These venues have ranged from elementary to high schools for an anti bullying movement I’ve been apart of as well as other venues such as colleges/universities and business/professional settings on toipcs of overcoming self limiting beliefs, fears and self created obstacles.

This short piece is one of a few reels I have and use for my speaking career and showcases the “Wrestler” of the past, more recent years at a smaller venue here in Texas and some chiropractic/philosophy type of stuff!

Hope you enjoy! I will keep feed dripping retro videos until the more current ones are ready to launch but just figured in the meantime I would start sharing something in way of video to get this new YouTube channel launched and started.

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Until next time….Be good to yourself and others!!!

Dr Shawn!!