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A few weeks ago, it was reported that NXT star, Kassius Ohno, was released from the company and he already returned to the independent circuit. Ohno, who was known as Chris Hero prior to being signed, was under contract for almost two years and many people thought he would debut on the main roster at various points during his NXT stint, which included some good matches with William Regal.

Before signing with the WWE, Hero was a journey man on the independent scene and he worked for every well known independent promotion in the United States. He also wrestled in Europe and Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan. Obviously, Hero has the skills to wrestle on a major stage and he evolved his style from a traditional Europe style to a Japanese style, thus led to the initials in NXT to incorporate his style into a gimmick.

The reports of Hero’s release sparked outrage from smart mark fans, claiming that the WWE “doesn’t know talent” but the company makes millions of dollars a year so obviously they are doing something right. That being said, Hero has the skills to be a star in wrestling and he can still be relevant despite being released from the WWE. As far as the reason behind Hero’s release, he and the WWE management are the only people that know the answer, but there has been much speculation online. Reportedly, the WWE wanted Hero to improve weight training and it could have been one of the reasons he was released. Some fans might claim that Hero’s skill is enough for him to get a spot on the main roster and they might have a point, but the WWE isn’t a pro wrestling company, it’s a sport entertainment company. Anyone that has watched Hero’s work, knows that he’s a tremendous pro wrestler, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to being a sports entertainer. Some fans can complain about sports entertainment, but it draws millions a year and that’s not to say that the WWE product couldn’t be improved because there could definitely be improvement. However, there’s a different standard for the WWE and it’s a global product, which includes ratings, merchandise, etc. The bottom line is, the style that made Hero a star on the independent scene and the WWE style are apples to oranges so being a star on the independent scene doesn’t automatically get a competitor a spot on the main roster.

As for Hero’s career, the NXT run has generated buzz for his return to the independent circuit and he will an asset to any promotion. It will be interesting to see if Hero debuts for New Japan Pro Wrestling, as the company has generated some buzz with the expansion of iPPV shows and they have also booked more foreign talent. The question is, did the WWE miss the boat with Hero? Probably not because he’s 33 years old, he didn’t really evolve his style for the WWE, and there’s an entire NXT roster that could potentially be stars for the WWE, but as mentioned earlier, Hero will continue to be successful.

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