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A few weeks ago on Raw, former ECW booker and Smackdown writer, Paul Heyman returned to WWE TV after nearly five years since he was featured on the botched ECW TV show. On the surface, Heyman’s return is to make appearances to keep the Lesnar storyline relevant and to do the mic work for Lesnar, who is signed for a limited amount of appearances during his WWE contract, but Heyman’s return to TV could have more of an impact on the wrestling business than just his mic work. Heyman has a well documented and extremely controversial track record, but even his critics will tell you that he’s a wrestling genius. The most noticeable thing about Heyman’s return is that despite not appearing on WWE TV in years, he can still do a better promo than most of the WWE roster, which is both an indication of his verbal ability and also the lack of mic skills of the current WWE superstars. Also, Heyman adds a buzz around the product, which will generate ratings for Raw, which is scheduled to expand to three hours in July. As far as Raw expanding, it seems as though the WWE sometimes struggles to produce two hours of entertaining TV so an expanded show might not improve the product, but that’s for another column.

The promo with Triple H this past week on Raw was well done and it got heat for Lesnar even though he wasn’t in the building. A side note, is anyone surprised that Triple H is involved in the WWE’s main storyline? It’s very similar to when CM Punk generated main stream buzz for the WWE and Triple H become involved in the storyline, which lead to him defeating Punk at a PPV. Yes, I understand the WWE needed a storyline to explain Lesnar’s disappearance from TV, but Triple H didn’t have to be involved in the storyline and if it leads to a Lesnar vs. Triple H match at Summer Slam it’s really a waste of a Lesnar match up that could be used to establish some of the younger talent on the roster.

As a result of Heyman returning to the WWE, it eliminates the opportunity that TNA could sign him and not that they would sign him anyway but at least it was a possibility before he returned to WWE. Speaking of TNA, it’s recently been reported that former WWE star, John Morrison and Melina might sign with the company and despite not being on WWE TV, I still think Morrison has a lot of potential to be a major star, but TNA would fumble booking Morrison, similar to how they fumble almost all the booking so hopefully Morrsion will return to the WWE. It will be interesting to see the Heyman promos in the next weeks and if he will make an appearance at the PPV.

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