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Why is it that even though Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk for the WWE title will take place at Survivor Series, it just doesn’t seem like the WWE is doing much to push them as a major selling point for the PPV? The answer is probably a variety of things, but to have a main event match become lost in the shuffle of Triple H/Nash/Lariunatis and John Cena/The Rock, is disappointing. More than anything, it shows what a scrambled mess Raw has become recently and there’s no real direction for the show, at least from a storyline prospective.

Let’s not forget, this whole Triple H/Nash storyline stems from when Punk won the title back in July and Vince McMahon was subsequently dismissed from Raw, thus Triple H became the COO of the WWE. Since then, Triple H have received more TV time and it seems as though up until recently, Punk was minimized on Raw, which doesn’t make sense, considering Punk generated more buzz for WWE than they had in the past few years. Instead of recreating a corporation type storyline, where Punk would become a new anti hero, somehow the storyline was based around Triple H, but is anyone really surprised?
Arguably, Punk and Del Rio are the WWE’s brightest stars of the current generation, aside from Cena, who doesn’t need to be in the title picture to maintain the top spot, but yet they are taking a back seat to The Rock, Triple H, and Nash. Let’s be honest here, does the majority of WWE’s current audience really care about Triple H vs. Nash? The whole angle just seems pointless because we all know Nash wrestling at this point in his career would be a disaster. That’s not to say Nash couldn’t contribute to the current product in other ways, such as a body guard role, but there really hasn’t been anything impressive about Nash’s current run in the WWE. The lack of logic in the storyline and the bland interviews have been more of a reason to change the channel than to buy a PPV.
Six months after disappearing from WWE TV, The Rock will make a few more appearances, including a match at Survivor Series to continue WWE’s experiment of booking a match a year ahead of time. As I said before, The Rock at Wrestlemania is one of the major reasons the show was terrible and it made the current roster seem secondary, but without going on a rant about it again, I just don’t see how the WWE expects the audience to invest in a “feud” that is really only based on a few appearances. Is The Rock a major star? Without a doubt. Does that mean he should have a spot reserved in the main event of Wrestlemania? No. This goes back to the Punk/Del Rio match being secondary on Raw because the main event this past week featured Cena mentioning The Rock as the show ended, with Punk being given a title match a side note.
Since this is becoming a column about what is sub par on Raw, the Micheal Cole angle really needs to stop because it’s becoming more and more of a reason to change the channel and it actually distracts from the majority of the show. Why the WWE writers continue to book such nonsense is anyone’s guess, but it seems as though the Cole character needs to be limited, such as the General Manager role because it does nothing to help the show. That being said, it will be interesting to see if the WWE decides to actually make the WWE title important, but it will probably seem secondary to The Rock at Survivor Series.

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