Dr. Wrestling:The Miz wins the WWE title

A few weeks ago on Raw, The Miz cashed in the money in the bank title shot and won the WWE title. While some see this as a lack luster choice, I actually think it should have been done at Survivor Series following a rather uneventful Orton/Barrett match. In fact, nothing really happened during the Orton/Barrett title match, which made it seem rather lack luster because there weren’t really any moments built around Cena’s decision as ref for the match, which was a major selling point for the PPV. The angle during the main event fell somewhat flat as Cena simply counted three and that was the conclusion to the show. In my opinion, if Miz would have cashed in the title shot following the Survivor Series main event, it would have added a better conclusion to the show. However, maybe the WWE decided to have the switch on Raw to make it more of a surprise and that being said, it’s good to see a title switch on TV because it gives the viewers more of a reason to tune into the show.
Don’t get me wrong here, I understand that the major angle at Survivor Series was Cena being “fired” and the follow up that was seen on Raw, but it seems as though the title is being put in a secondary spot because the Nexus/Cena feud is the main angle on Raw, which in some ways make sense as Cena is the top star. However, there is some lack of logic to make the WWE title seem somewhat secondary, considering that title matches are the selling point of most PPVs.

As far as The Miz as champion, I don’t think he is ready for the title, but it’s good to see some new talent involved in the title picture. I haven’t really seem too many great Miz matches, but it creates some intrigue as to where the storyline goes from here, which can create a good title run for The Miz on Raw. That being said, the WWE has used Daniel Bryan, John Morrison, and others to provide some good in ring wrestling so they already seem to have a decent mixture of in ring action and storylines. This could allow Miz’s run to be storyline based and still have the show not seem as if it’s lacking any in ring action. I don’t think The Miz will have the title too long, but it provides some interesting scenarios for the next few weeks on Raw.

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