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This past week on Smackdown, the Daniel Bryan vs. Dean Ambrose match has received the endorsement from both WWE Hall of Famer, Jim Ross and veteran, William Regal, as an excellent match that showcases many of the great aspects of professional wrestling. If you watched the match, you know they are correct and if you didn’t, I recommend you find the match on Youtube because it’s definitely worth watching.

It’s no surprise that Bryan and Ambrose had such a great match, considering they are some of the most talented young stars on the roster, but more specifically, each member of The Shield seems to have a bright future. Seth Rollins, who was known on the independent scene as Tyler Black, is a former Ring Of Honor champion and excelled in the WWE developmental system before his debut along with Ambrose and Reigns last year. During his time in ROH, some of the fans criticized his run as champion there, but it took place when there was a shift in the direction of the company so that didn’t exactly help his run in ROH. Plus, the die hard internet fan base that ROH has, while some very loyal fans, can also be some of the most jaded fans as well so regardless of any criticism at the time, Rollins has showed that he will be a major player on a global stage. Obviously, Rollins brings a ton of athleticism and skill to the table, but also the booking of The Shield has also helped him become an established star to the WWE audience. He isn’t known for his promo work, which is probably why Ambrose has done most of the talking, but Rollins has done well on the mic.

Dean Ambrose was John Moxley on the indy circuit prior to being signed by the WWE and he trained at Les Thatcher’s HWA wrestling school in Cincinnati, OH that has produced other wrestling stars, including Nigel McGunniess. Ambrose seems to have all the intangibles and wrestling skills to be a WWE champion at some point in his career. He brings a blend of a European style and brawling to compliment his erratic character, which provides something unique on WWE TV. Ambrose has excellent mic skills, which are a slight combination of Brian Pillman and Jake Roberts, which he makes his own, rather than directly copying either of them. Basically, when Ambrose talks, the audience listens, which allows both the faction and the angles to get more over with the crowd. There’s a reason the WWE booked Ambrose in main event matches on Smackdown and in my view, it’s because he could have the brightest future of The Shield. That’s not a jab to Rollins or Reigns, but rather that at least at this point, Ambrose seems like he’s going to be a major heel champion in the future.

Roman Reigns debuted with perhaps the least hype of The Shield members, mostly because of the extensive independent careers of Ambrose and Rollins, but don’t over look Reigns because he has a lot of potential as well. The booking of The Shield has been done really well and it’s allowed their opponents to get enough offense to still be established, but The Shield gets the win using the numbers advantage, which is how they’ve been booked since their debut. Basically, The Shield has been able to get a push without the sacrifice of the credibility of other stars of angles. The Extreme Rules pay-per-view looks to be the next step in the development of The Shield, as Ambrose challenges for the U.S. title, while Rollins and Reigns challenge for the tag team titles. I think The Shield wins at the PPV and they take a more prominent role on Raw, which will help the show, considering that CM Punk is taking time off and the World Heavyweight champion, Dolph Ziggler has a concussion. It will be interesting interesting to see if The Shield wins at the PPV and the push on WWE TV the next few weeks.

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