Dr. Wrestling:What’s next for The Nexus?

The WWE’s most memorable angle in recent memory took place a few months ago on Raw when the rookies of NXT stormed the ring and actually tore down part of the ring, which had never been done before on WWE TV. The wrestling world was a buzz, but soon that buzz would shift after Daniel Bryan was released for using a tie to choke a ring announcer. A few months later, Bryan is back and the group known has Nexus has struggled to maintain steam as a formidable group in the WWE. The group as a whole, while impactful during specific points has seem to flounder overall and until recently they hadn’t made any real progress in the WWE. Summer Slam was a pivital point where the WWE could have really cemented the group as a legitimate stable that wasn’t created for short term heat to feed Cena or Orton more opponents, but the group was defeated in the main event of a major PPV. Sure, they all won matches the next night on Raw, but the point is that on the big stage, they weren’t given the spot light, which seems to be how the WWE continues to book the angle with Nexus getting TV time, but jobbing at major events. That along with injuries have somewhat minimized the impact of the group, but it seems like the WWE might finally push the group as top heels instead of mid carder jobbers for the top faces on Raw.
Since the group floundered, I think the Cena angle has really added more fuel to the stable and has created interesting scenarios each week on Raw. The stable has won the tag titles, which I think is a key to establishing the group as a whole, instead of just Wade Barrnet with a few extra wrestlers. Sure, Barrett seems to have the most potential of the stable, but establishing Slater and Gabriel as stars will help the stable, which can added credibility to the Nexus. This lead to the Survivor Series where Barrett could win the WWE and I think it would be a wise decision for Barrett to win the title because it validates the push for Nexus since the start of the stable. It’s a gamble, but if Barrett doesn’t win the title then what exactly is the point of Nexus? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Barrett should main event Wrestlemania, but if Barrett isn’t pushed as a top heel then the Nexus are basically just opponents for Cena or Orton. Raw doesn’t have many top heels at the moment so it would make sense for the WWE to try to establish another top heel.

Another thing I want to discuss here is the title match at Bragging Rights and the DQ finish to end the show. The WWE sells the PPVs for $45, which is outrageous and people are paying to see who wins the match so it doesn’t make sense to end the PPV without a finish. If the DQ was going to be booked for the title match then why not have the Raw vs. Smackdown tag match as the main event so the show ends with a finish? Another side note about the Bragging Rights PPV, the Bryan/Ziggler match was a great match and one that is worth watching if you didn’t watch the PPV. It was good to see that the WWE had a good amount of actual wrestling on the PPV because I think a technical match can really add alot to the show.

It should be interesting to see if Wade Barrett wins the title and the future of the Nexus. There have been some reports that John Cena could turn heel and I doubt it because he is the top star in the WWE.

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