Drew McIntyre On Which Two WWE NXT Stars Are Ready For Main Roster

Drew McIntyre was recently interviewed by Planeta Wrestling. During the interview, McIntyre talked about the two current NXT stars who he thinks are ready for the WWE main roster. Here is what McIntyre said (quote below via Wrestling Inc):

“When I came to NXT, I knew it was the right move because NXT was in a position like it always is. It’s up here [raises hand]. Then Raw and SmackDown get some of the talent. Talent move over and then it restarts again, and it was during a restart phase that I came in.

We started building up the roster. We started building up the towns, the towns were down. We started getting more people in the shows and watched it go up and up and up. Then we got more talent in. People started finding themselves like the Velveteen Dream, and now, from top to bottom the roster is stacked.”

[NXT] is a really good place right now so it’s hard to choose, there’s so many talented people. Everyone talks about Velveteen Dream, that’s an obvious one. Ricochet is an obvious one. It’s just everybody.”