Drew McIntyre Says His Extreme Rules Match Will Be Something That We’ve Never Seen

As PWMania.com previously reported, during an appearance on WWE’s The Bump, Dolph Ziggler hyped that his match with WWE Champion Drew McIntyre at WWE’s “The Horror Show at Extreme Rules” pay-per-view will be a first-ever type of match.

McIntyre did a recent interview with the New York Post. Here are the highlights:

Q: On “The Bump,” Dolph Ziggler teased his stipulation for your match as something we’ve never seen before. When the theme of Extreme Rules is the “The Horror Show,” how unique do you expect his match and stipulation to be?

A: I know it’s going to be unique. I guarantee it’s something that we’ve never seen before because Dolph is a very smart person. He knows that he can’t match up to me physically, so he’s going to try to play those mind games. We saw it with bringing out Heath (Slater) to try and get inside my head.

Whatever stipulation Dolph picks at “The Horror Show at Extreme Rules” is gonna be something that’s going to be really difficult for Drew McIntyre to overcome. If he picks a weapons match he knows already I am the weapon. He’s not going to pick a weapons match. It’s going to be something so outside the box that I got to be ready for it, and he’s probably not going to announce it ’til the night.

Q: Do you feel Drew McIntyre needs someone like Randy Orton, who people may see as above him, to raise him up? Why do you think it’s important that Randy Orton is hopefully next for you?

A: He’s on fire right now, he’s firing on all cylinders. He’s giving it everything and he’s operating on another level and the true, true bad guy as well and being someone with so much equity, so established and so good, he’d bring up anybody. And for myself, I feel like if I’m the Batman and I’m kind of messing up all the top villains in Gotham City up until now, again things are going pretty well. Batman is my example because he’s kind of a flawed individual just trying to fight for right. But he’s my Joker.

I think there is such a compelling story there, besides pulling me up perhaps in-ring wise and teaching me some lessons, working up to the level he’s at promo wise, just the story behind Randy and I. The paths we’ve taken both being so young and being chosen ones and he would mess up all the time. I’d mess up quite a lot. He was on another level talent wise, but also he was so protected. He had so many people cleaning up his mess as he walked along. Whenever he screwed up there were always people trying to defend and protect him and make sure he made it. On the other side, I necessarily didn’t have that.