DX Nation Of Domination Spoof Pulled From WWE Network

The infamous DX parody of The Nation of Domination from the July 6, 1998 WWE RAW episode has been remove from the WWE Network. That segment saw DX members dress as members of The Nation of Domination to mock them as the two stables were feuding at that time during The Attitude Era.

While this RAW episode has not migrated to Peacock yet, the segment has been removed from the episode as WWE and Peacock continue to review & remove controversial WWE content from the past. The SummerSlam 1998 pay-per-view featured a video package for The Rock vs. Triple H and that video included clips from the DX parody segment on RAW. That video has been removed from the pay-per-view, which is available on Peacock and the WWE Network.

As we’ve noted, Peacock recently confirmed that they were reviewing all 17,000 hours of WWE Network content to ensure it aligns with their standards & practices of 2021. WWE has been helping with the review process, and is being made aware of all edits. The edits are being made on the WWE Network standalone app and Peacock, which means international users are also being affected.