EC3 Reveals A Creative Pitch He Made To WWE

EC3 recently participated in a Facebook Q&A. Here are the highlights.

Whether he regrets signing with WWE: “Regrets are your past. I have destroyed my past. I have no ties to it. I don’t allow it to control me. It’s your toughest challenge.”

A match he wishes he could have had in WWE: “Cena or Orton.”

A creative idea he pitched to Vince/WWE creative: “An angst filled, relentless fighter with his back against the wall after losing everything that he thought was important to him, but realized the only thing that truly mattered is his ability to tell his story. Control His Narrative. That’s one.”

His favorite moment in the wrestling business so far: “Professional defeating Kurt angle to become world champion. Personal seeing Spud in the back an hour after I shaved his head and a certain moment that came with it.”

Whether he would fight MJF: “Money is not the objective, I’ve made that mistake already. I would fight anyone. And that includes MJF.”

Says he was unhappy during his WWE 24/7 title stint: “I wasn’t a very happy person and it wasn’t all based on profession.”

What makes WWE stand-out from other wrestling companies: “The scope of the size of it all, the millions of moving pieces that make it function on a weekly basis.”