EC3 Reveals That He Recently Tested Positive For Covid-19

In an inteview with Chris Van Vliet, EC3 revealed that he recently tested positive for Covid-19:

“At this point, yeah, I have COVID. I’m at the tail end of it. It sucked a little bit. Some of it wasn’t bad. I’m healthy, so I’m fortunate. I infected my parents who were visiting me — oops! So they had to stay longer. So, I had no alone time and no solitude, which drove me nuts, but besides that we actually had a great time spending time together, so that’s cool.”

“I’m at the tail end of it and will be healthy, but Ring Of Honor caught it in the protocol of their testing. So, what they’re doing is working, and it’s working well and I will miss that match, and I don’t want to because I want to fight Jay Briscoe and I want to know if honor is real, and I do plan on finding out if honor is real in January.”

EC3 was one of the names pulled from the ROH Final Battle event due to a pre-travel Covid-19 screening.