ECW Personality Lou E. Dangerously Talks WWE PG, Comparing ECW & WWE, Regrets, More

Part two of PWMania’s exclusive Q&A with ECW personality Lou D’Angeli (aka Sign Guy Dudley and Lou E. Dangerously) is below. D’Angeli spoke on a number of topics from if he is a Paul Heyman guy to his thoughts on John Cena, the Attitude Era, ECW, WWE, TNA and more in part one which you can read at this link. In part two D’Angeli gives his thoughts on WWE PG, if Hardcore Wrestling has a place in the world today, his regrets, comparing ECW to WWE and more.

What are your thoughts about WWE PG?

Well…I worked there so I know how important that rating is to retain sponsorships, etc…personally I think more edgy would be great however they are a business and for their business PG works.

What would you consider your career-defining moment?

Doing the angle with Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins in Peoria and then finishing up at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC. Paul and Dreamer let me run with the ball…I basically booked the first angle we did sans my verbiage for my promo…the Hammerstein stuff was all Paul and Dreamer…but Billy I knocked it out of the ballpark…I am very proud of that…there was a lot riding on everything being executed perfectly and it was…but that was what ECW was about…if you had a good idea you would have chance to run with it…it wasn’t about ego’s…it was about the brand being successful…

Who was your favorite wrestler to work with?

Dreamer. We had so much fun together. He helped me out so much in the business…he is one of my best friends…he deserves a lifetime achievement award for all that he has done for people in this business…he has a thankless job but his heart is always in the right place and I admire him deeply…

Do you think “Hardcore Wrestling” has a place on the world today? Obviously there is still at least a semi-fan base for it but could it work?

Really if the brand is just hardcore it becomes boring quickly…like I said earlier you need a balance…you need to have a show with traditional angles, high spot guys, hardcore, the girls, and really good storylines…to me that is the recipe to at least get a good diverse product going…it was the formula for ECW and I think people forget that…ECW wasn’t always hardcore…it had a balance…every show was a balance and that’s why it worked.

Thoughts on ECW Reunions such as the original TNA Hardcore Justice and Extreme Rising? All these years later are reunions necessary?

In-ring reunions no…I think it’s cool to do appearances and Q&A’s and stuff like that…but doing stuff in the ring is kinda tired now…you don’t want people to remember the last thing they saw…you want them to remember how great it was…an ECW fan convention with no wrestling would be a good idea…people love to hear stories about ECW and ECW has some great storytellers…

How different of a dynamic was ECW from WWE?

No comparison. Everything from the way the office was run to the booking to the travel to the schedules to the production to the atmosphere…everything was a polar opposite…

Who in wrestling today would have been a good fit in ECW?

Punk. AJ Styles. John Morrison. Hardy’s. Serena Deeb. Mickie James (side note: she had an ECW try-out and was totally politicked out of a job by another one of the girls in the back…biggest bunch of bullshit I ever witnessed.) Cliff Compton. Jay Bradley. Ego. Nikki St. John….there a bunch of good people…

Who are the most influential people you have encountered during your career?

Tommy Dreamer for the reasons I stated about. Bubba and D-Von for having an insane amount of patience with me and learning the ropes and the respect needed to function in the business. Raven/Taz for concepting Sign Guy Dudley and for teaching me endless things about the business. Paul for motivating me. I am very lucky…and I know that.

Any regrets?


What do you want to be remembered for?

For being part of a company that did what Nirvana did for the music business and that is revolutionized it all.

You can follow D’Angeli on Twitter @LDANGELI and Facebook: Lou E. Dangerously.