Eddie Edwards: “Impact Is Continuously Punished For The Sins Of The Past”

Eddie Edwards, a veteran wrestler, has invited fans to give Impact Wrestling a shot.

Edwards recently spoke with PWInsider about fans who still do not see Impact as the promotion it is today versus TNA or Impact promotions from previous regimes. Edwards invited fans to return and try the product.

“I think that Impact is continuously punished for the sins of the past, things that this current company and current roster had nothing to do with in the past,” Edwards said. “To me, if you are a true wrestling fan, all you have to do is tune in and I’ll say it time and time again, there will be something that you are truly going to love, something that you truly enjoy on our show, because we have a little bit of everything on it. I feel like we have the total package as far as a professional wrestling company, and, you know, of course some people are always going to just holding a grudge against it for no reason at all.

“But, I feel, but that’s also something that drives us. We will be the underdog. We are the land of missing toys. We will be that, and we continue to grow until you cannot shut us out. In my mind, that’s what we’re gonna do, but for anybody who hasn’t tuned in recently, just turn it on, check it out on, you know, YouTube, check it out anywhere, check it out on AXS TV, DAZN, Impact+, whatever it is, just tune in and you’re not gonna regret it. That’s all I can say. Just give us a shot.”

Edwards recently signed a new contract with Impact, as PWMania.com previously reported. For those who missed it, you can read his comments on why he re-signed with Impact, his ultimate goal, and more by clicking here.