Edge Comments On The Revival’s Status With WWE

During his recent podcast with Christian, Edge commented on The Revival reportedly being asked to be released from WWE:

“Here’s the thing, we’ve obviously touted,” Edge said. I know me personally, I think they’re phenomenal. I think if given the chance, quite possibly, them and Usos neck and neck as to who the top team, at least in my perspective, is in the industry. Man, if it’s true, I get it in a way. It [has] got to be frustrating… like we talked about, a six-minute match, what kind of story can you tell in a six-minute match? It’s hard. And then, you start throwing in Lucha House Party rules and all of these things. I think the danger, sometimes, is people think, ‘alright, I’m on the big show now, WWE. Here we go.’ And it can be disillusioning at times because I remember we had to go out and have a handicap match against Steve Blackman in two minutes. Huh? How do we do that? You work through it and how that things change around through hard work.

“But, taking the bull by the horns and just asking for your release, whether it’s true or not, shows that you’re willing to really do something in order to try because I think for them, it’s just wanting a shot to show what they can do after proving they can do it in NXT.”

“I don’t know how much Vince [McMahon] will ever focus on tag teams because I don’t think he sees money in it. There can be. We’ve proven there can be, and the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express has proven there can be, and the Dudleys and the Road Warriors. And there [are] a lot of instances proving that tag team wrestling, and I know that Steve Austin would be one to throw his hat into this ring. Tag team wrestling can be the best match on the show.” Edge continued, “I just don’t know if Vince is ever going that way. I think any time that tag team wrestling has made any kind of headway on the show it [has] almost been by accident without anybody realizing that it’s happening!”